Soul-Searching Aaron Rodgers Looking For Good Vibes; Seen Shopping For Healing Crystals in LA

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Aaron Rodgers may look like a 39-year-old NFL quarterback, but inside, Rodgers has the soul of a yoga instructor that weaves her own dreamcatchers and keeps pink Himalayan salt in her spice rack.

For all those invested in Rodgers’ spiritual journey off the field and appreciate the longtime Packer’s insight on tripping out on psychedelics, the QB hit a new milestone this week.

The hotly discussed free agent was spotted, via TMZ, on Wednesday shopping for healing crystals at Los Angeles’ Topanga Rocks.

Aaron Rodgers looking for jewels. Credit: TMZ

Packers QB Is Staying Soulful Amid Uncertainty

And for those wondering how Eastern Spirituality and the QB’s decisions on the football field are connected, the journey has been quite mindblowing.

From darkness retreats and practicing transcendental meditation to drinking ayahuasca, Rodgers has freed his mind at his most stressed-out times.

Rodgers claims to have taken psychedelics leading up to two of his MVP seasons, so the man is fully bought in on the mind-expanding effects of chakras, vibes, drug trips and all that jazz.


Some began to speculate as to whether his purchase at Topanga Rocks was connected to an (inevitable) trade to the New York Jets. Is he shopping for a new smoky quartz display to adorn his new crib in the Big Apple? Or is Rodgers once again at a spiritual impasse about leaving the Packers and seeking the help of a powerful amethyst?

Aaron Rodgers strolling on a Wednesday afternoon. Credit: TMZ

Aaron Rodgers has been crystal clear on his decision to get traded to the Jets after an 8-9 season with the Pack in 2022 where they missed the postseason. Until it happens, the Packers quarterback will continue evading the negative energy.

Randal Cobb and Aaron Rodgers leaving Lambeau Field. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

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