Aaron Rodgers Says Ayahuasca Has Made Him No Longer Fear Death: ‘Seen The Other Side’

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Aaron Rodgers revealed to the world earlier this year that he is a hallucinogenic guy, and specifically a big fan of ayahuasca. The Green Bay quarterback has openly discussed his consumption of the psychoactive substance a number of times at this point but recently went deeper with his conversation explaining how it has changed his perception of death.


During his weekly appearance on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ on Monday, co-host AJ Hawk somewhat randomly asked Rodgers if he was scared of dying. This led to Rodgers sharing that he had a “major” fear of dying, but ayahuasca has since erased that fear.

“There was a lot of weird sentiment around Y2K, remember that? The world was going to end and for me, personally, since I was a young teenager I was like ‘if the world ends and I’m 16, I’m not going to be able to accomplish anything,'” Rodgers explained.

Rodgers continued with the conversation saying that he’s “seen the other side” after experimenting with ayahuasca and psilocybin.

“It really helped me with that and relieved a lot of the stress around the idea of needing to accomplish things before I actually die and taking away some of that fear,” Rodgers shared. “I think when you’ve seen the other side, it makes the idea of death more of a passage and less of an ending.”

McAfee needed to know what Rodgers meant by “the other side” and the QB gave a somewhat mysterious explanation.

“I’m not talking about life and death. I’m talking about the veil between the seen world and the unseen world,” Rodgers shared.

People love to knock on Rodgers, but you can’t say the man isn’t interesting. I certainly can’t think of any other future Hall of Famers out there are talking about taking hallucinogenics and their fear of death.

Written by Mark Harris

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