Aaron Rodgers Out Of Darkness, Decision On His Future Could Come At Any Moment

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Aaron Rodgers is officially back in the light.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback for some unknown reason needed to sit in complete darkness in order to figure out whether or not he wants to keep playing football.

While it never seemed necessary at all, his time at Sky Cave Retreat (a location OutKick’s Joe Kinsey accurately predicted) is over, and that means a decision could come at any time. Yes, the drama with Aaron Rodgers and his future is far from over.

What will Aaron Rodgers do?

Now that Rodgers‘ isolation trip is over – again, who thought this was necessary? – fans can finally start wondering what decision he’ll make.

At this point he only really has one decision that he actually controls: keep playing or retire.

Will the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers? (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Once that decision is made, it’s on the Packers to decide whether to trade or keep him. That power lies solely with Green Bay.

Rodgers, who does love attention, can throw a fit all he wants, but he’s powerless to actually move the needle if the decision is to keep playing. That’s a decision ONLY Green Bay can make no matter what some people might have you believe.

Where could Rodgers go?

If Rodgers is traded, the Jets and Raiders have been mentioned as two very sexy options. There’s just one problem Aaron Rodgers might have missed while being alone with his thoughts.

The Jets seem enamored with Derek Carr and could get him a lot cheaper than Rodgers. Carr is an unrestricted free agent after being released.

It won’t cost any draft picks for the Jets to bring him in. If the Jets are seriously interested in Carr, the Raiders might now be on the top of the list for Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers’ darkness retreat is over. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

No matter what happens, a decision should be imminent now that Rodgers’ little darkness journey is over. Consider yourself lucky you get to live through such an entertaining time in NFL history.

Written by David Hookstead

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