Snoop Dogg Spectacularly Misses Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle He Should’ve Known

Snoop Dogg appeared on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and gave an answer to a puzzle that he is probably going to want back.

Snoop was playing against actress and comedian Amanda Seales and actor Mark Duplass in a toss-up round when he made a pretty substantial blunder.

You bake brownies, Snoop. As he knows quite well, you can bake a lot of things. Just not onions typically.

He probably should’ve known that from his time spent with Martha Stewart — the biggest name in brownie making next to Betty Crocker — as well as his own “recreational” brownie baking.

In his defense, as any Wheel-watcher knows, speed is the name of the game in a toss up round. So you can see why the Dogg Father thought “onions” when an O,N, and S popped up. However, they were of course all in the wrong places.

Snoop cracked under pressure, it happens.

While that may be one of the biggest Wheel of Fortune blunders on the celebrity side of the equation it pales in comparison to what the regular version of the show has cranked out, like this gem from a collegiate episode.

That guy did Indiana dirty during that game.

“Baking Onions” is a wild guess, but it’s no “On The Spot Dicespin.”

At least you could theoretically bake onions. This was the first time in human history the words “On The Spot Dicespin.”

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