Shannon Sharpe Hates Russell Wilson And Wants His Parking Spots Removed

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Denver Broncos legend Shannon Sharpe is DONE with Russell Wilson, and he ain’t afraid to let the world know.

During a segment on FS1’s Undisputed with everyone’s favorite analyst, Skip Bayless, big Shannon took his second blowtorch in as many months to Wilson in the wake of Nathanial Hackett’s firing.

“I don’t know who the head coach is gonna be, but the first thing you do [is say], ‘Russell Wilson, I’m locking this office. You will no longer have an office. All those parking spaces you get at the stadium, they’re gone too – because you’re putting yourself in front of the team.’

“I said it before, I’ll say it again, and I stand by it: You ticked a lot of people off with your attitude, bro. You can come out here and talk about how we’re a team and I’m good with my teammates, but deep down inside, they’re seething, and I’m gonna leave it at that.”

Russell Wilson stinks and his teammates hate him (allegedly)

Amazing #content here from Uncle Shannon, who DESPISES Russell Wilson so much he wants his butt locked out of the building.

Sorry, Mr. Unlimited! We do not want you.

If the above rant didn’t quite convince you that Sharpe absolutely hates Russell Wilson, here’s a fun little soundbite from last month’s show.

“Russell Wilson has not played well, there’s no other way around that.” Sharpe said. “He has not lived up to what they expected when they signed him.

Shannon Sharpe Goes At Russell Wilson, Calls Him 'Trash'
Shannon Sharpe loves Russell Wilson! (Getty Images)

“None of the coordinators, Darrell Bevell, whoever the offensive coordinator was got no credit. It was always Russ, Russ, Russ. Now Russ is looking like some stir fry and you want to blame Nathaniel Hackett, you want to blame Klint Kubiak, you want to blame everybody else.

“Put the blame on No. 3, he’s been some trash this year.”

Lock him up with his stupid Subway sandwich and throw away the key, says Shannon Sharpe.

Russell Wilson ain’t cooking no more!

Written by Zach Dean

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