Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten Blasts ‘Self-Righteous’ Left

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Sex Pistols lead singer John “Johnny Rotten” Lydon hasn’t released an album in years, but that isn’t stopping him from using his voice to drum up applause.

Lydon’s latest hit received an assist from soon-to-be Twitter boss, Elon Musk, who shared a quote from Lydon, where he praises the left and mocks the insanity of left wingers.

“I never thought I’d live to see the day when the right wing would become the cool ones giving the middle finger to the establishment, and the left wing becoming the sniveling self-righteous twatty ones going around shaming everyone,” quoted Lydon, which was then shared in a tweet by Musk.

Lydon’s just the latest to acknowledge the indisputable fact that those on the left have gone bat-shit crazy. Months ago liberal comedian Bill Maher slammed the left, stating: “I haven’t changed. At all. My politics hasn’t changed. They’ve changed.”

Joe Rogan soon followed suit, telling his podcast listeners: “Today, the left has gone so f–king far left.”

And later adding: “It was Fox News that f–king had my back… I’m so liberal,” said Rogan. “Like, I talk about it all the time. Like, I say I am not a conservative.”

As recently as last week, OutKick founder Clay Travis echoed similar statements, telling Jay Cutler he has moved away from Democratic views because he is “just pro-individual freedom in general. And he wants “the government to have less control over my life in all respects.”
Expect the calls for Lydon to be cancelled to commence momentarily. After all, that is the twatty thing to do.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. It’s funny to me because I was literally just thinking this past weekend about how so many past and current Rockers and musical artists are such conformists today when it comes to politics, and social issues. All the balls are gone!

  2. The radicals on the left are not liberals, they are to be correctly called leftists or Marxists. Actual liberals, normals, centrists, independents and conservatives need to band together to beat this scourge.

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