Joe Rogan: ‘Fox News F–king Had My Back’

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Fox’s marketing department needs to get a swag bag headed to Texas, pronto. Podcaster Joe Rogan, a relatively new Texan, is certainly deserving of some freebies after singing the praises of the news media giant during a Tuesday episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“They had my back through all the crazy sh*t that happened with me,” Rogan, an admitted liberal, said of Fox.

He was referring to various attempts to be “cancelled,” by the radical left. In the event you’ve been living with a mask over your mouth, nose, eyes, and ears, (first off – you’re an idiot) cranky wokesters wanted Rogan X’d out for a number of reasons including: his stance on COVID, past use of the N-word, and labeling a requirement for vaccine passports as a step towards dictatorship.

Of course there were at least a handful of other traditional liberal thoughts and opinions Rogan shared that had left-wing Karen’s demanding to speak to management (or else!), but time and word space is at a premium these days.

After discussing how liberals used to be pro-speech and now appear to be sickened by such words, Rogan told listeners: “That’s not the case today. Today, the left has gone so f–king far left. So radical that the right are the ones that are celebrating comedians, celebrating [Dave] Chappelle.”

He continued, pointing out that conservatives backed him when he spoke out in favor of freedom of speech and defended Chappelle, who had been labeled transphobic. “It was Fox News that f–king had my back… I’m so liberal,” said Rogan. “Like, I talk about it all the time. Like, I say I am not a conservative.

“I’m not conservative. But I am pro-Second Amendment, and I am a hunter, and I am a cage fighting commentator, and I drink, and I smoke cigars, and I like to bow hunt.”

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Rogan reportedly has an audience of 11 million listeners per podcast. Obviously he’s doing something right.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. Rogan is like most of America, part liberal part conservative. I think one of the bigger mistakes progressives have made is saying you can’t be both, that you have to choose one side over the other. You don’t. I think if politicians re-embraced that concept they would obliterate the absolutists

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