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Joe Rogan Calls Vaccine Passports A Step Toward Dictatorship

What was once laughed off as a talking point has slowly become a reality here in the U.S. Proof of vaccination is now mandatory in order to partake in essential tasks, such as going to the grocery store or attending school, in some cities and states. Infamous podcaster Joe Rogan spoke on this issue during the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience released on Friday. In it, he calls out politicians who have demanded vaccine passports and warned them that these mandated health choices are telltale of an authoritarian government. Addressing leadership like New York’s tandem of totalitarianism, Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who have made proof of vaccination the “key to NYC,” Rogan provides a sobering take that reminds Americans that, up until recently, they weren’t forced to provide papers to do simple tasks. “That’s what the (expletive) is happening,” said Rogan. “That’s what’s going to happen with the vaccine passport. That’s what’s going to happen if they close borders. You can’t enter New York City unless you have your papers! You can’t go here unless you have that! You can’t get on a plane unless you do what I say. … “You have one step […]



Written by Alejandro Avila

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