Sean McVay’s Wife Shows Off Her ‘Leo Energy’ In A Bikini

The summer break for the Los Angeles Rams is officially over. The coaches reported to training camp on Friday, with players reporting Saturday. The vacations are over and the long days of work are set to begin.

Nobody in the Rams organization will miss the offseason more than head coach Sean McVay. He tied the knot with Ukrainian model Veronika Khomyn and then spent the summer hanging out with her all over the world.

On Saturday, Mrs. McVay said goodbye to the summer, as the start of training camp brings an end to globe trotting with her new hubby. She also showed off some of her “Leo energy” from a trip to Saint-Tropez.

Where do you find “Leo energy?”

I get the Leo energy reference, but with all due respect, Leo has never crushed it in a bikini like Veronika did there. The fact that she’s on a boat enjoying herself is where any comparison ends.

McVay had himself one hell of a year in 2021 and it hasn’t stopped in 2022. He swapped Jared Goff for Matthew Stafford, won a Super Bowl, married a model, then spent the summer bouncing from one beautiful destination to another. He even had Odell Beckham crash his wedding.

Now McVay gets to sit back and enjoy it all right? Not exactly. He has to do one of the hardest things in all of sports, attempt to repeat as a champion. He flirted with going out on a high note and into TV, but the allure of a second ring in two seasons was too enticing.

It’s a tough challenge, but that’s why McVay gets paid the big bucks. To win Super Bowls and hangout with his model wife as she slips into a bikini to find her Leo energy.

McVay’s pain is all of our gain. The fact that he’s putting in work at training camp means a new NFL season is just a few short weeks away.

Don’t feel too bad for the Rams head coach because he has to go back to work. He’ll be just fine until he gets to resume his bikini vacations with his model wife.

Written by Sean Joseph


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