‘Scream’ Drops Epic Behind-The-Scenes Trailer One Week Ahead Of Release

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Somehow, we’ve made it to yet another Scream movie.

Yep, decades after the OG hit theaters and changed the horror movie game forever, a new installment – Scream VI – is set to be released in one week.

This is the second Scream movie in as many years, third since 2011, and sixth overall. While this one will still feature plenty of familiar faces – most notably Ghostface him/herself and Courteney Cox – there will be a couple stark differences.

For starters, the franchise’s queen – Sidney Prescott – won’t be in this one. Nope, she didn’t die (spoiler!) in the last one, but instead chose to sit this one out because of alleged money differences.

In other words, she didn’t get enough.

Secondly, Scream VI won’t take place in Woodsboro – or, like Scream 3 – the set of Woodsboro. Instead, this bad boy takes place in Manhattan, taking a page right out of the Friday the 13th playbook.

Anyway, the new movie is set to debut March 9, and dropped an epic behind-the-scenes trailer of what to expect.

Scream 6 will either end the series or revive it

I’m gonna be honest with you, I have no clue how to feel about this movie.

I’m a Scream nerd. Love the franchise. It’s a staple every Halloween, and I still maintain that the first two movies are some of the best horror movies of all time.

The soundtracks are insane, the mixing of horror and comedy was waaaaaaaay ahead of it’s time, the acting was great and the twists were actually good.

Scream 3 wasn’t awful, but was certainly a step back. The franchise returned with the OG cast in 2011 for Scream 4, which was OK.

The most recent installment, which is technically Scream 5 but for some reason was just called “Scream,” was pretty good, but also killed off (spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler) Dewey, which was a huge bummer.

Scream 6 looks like it’s gonna either inject new life into the franchise – for the second time – or most likely kill it altogether. Leaving Woodsboro is a risk, but how much more carnage can one town realistically take?

Scream 6 trailer.
New “Scream 6” movie could be awesome or end the series.

Not having Neve Campbell narrowly avoiding death for the billionth time will be weird, but perhaps Courteney Cox returning once again as Gale Weathers will be enough to keep the old-timers like me interested.

Regardless, the concept certainly looks like it’s going darker, which is par for the course in the horror genre nowadays. Don’t know if that’s the best route for the Scream franchise to take seeing as part of its allure has been mixing in a good bit of humor, but we’ll see.

Frankly, as long as ‘Red Right Hand’ makes an appearance somewhere in this movie, I think I’ll be satisfied. But I’m also a sucker for 90s music, so that may not be enough.

Regardless, I’m pretty certain this movie will be lightyears better than the most recent Halloween. That movie nearly ruined the greatest horror franchise of all time.

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