Adrenaline-Filled Trailer Drops For New ‘Scream’ Film

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“Scream VI” looks like a shot of energy to the soul.

The sixth film in the legendary horror franchise will see the characters leave Woodsboro and head to New York City.

Of course, the latest Ghostface killer isn’t far behind, and it certainly appears the new film will be very bloody. Fire it up below.

“Scream” is a legendary horror franchise.

You can’t be a fan of horror movies and not be a fan of “Scream.” It’s just not possible. It’s without a doubt one of the top horror franchises ever made.

It’s the perfect combination of playing off tropes we’re used to seeing in slasher films and then providing fans a unique story that keeps things fun and fresh.

“Scream” is one of the very rare horror stories that actually successfully balances the combo of humor and darkness. Most films that attempt a combo bomb.

Now, “Scream VI” will take viewers to New York City for a bunch of guts, gore, blood and fun. I have to be honest though, not sure how much I love Ghostface wielding a shotgun.

Seemed a bit off-brand, but perhaps I’ll be proven wrong.

“Scream VI” looks absolutely awesome. The film takes characters to New York City. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

You can catch the latest film in the horror saga starting March 10. There’s a 100% chance I’ll be checking it out. I’ve never missed a “Scream” film before, and this definitely won’t be the first one. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the preview in the comments.

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