Russian TV Mocks Woke Culture, Says Biden Didn’t Choose Whelan Because He’s A Straight White Man

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Russian TV has had a field day with the Biden administration freeing Brittney Griner while leaving Paul Whelan in prison.

President Joe Biden successfully traded infamous arms dealer Viktor Bout for the WNBA star Thursday. While it’s great to have Griner back in the USA, former Paul Whelan – who served in the Marines – still sits in a Russian prison after the Russians accused him of being a spy.

Why was Griner freed over Paul Whelan? Russian TV thinks it’s because woke American culture would prefer a “black lesbian, hooked on drugs” over a spy (their claim, not ours at OutKick) who is a hero.

A Russian female TV personality said the following when ripping apart how the trade went down.

The first problem is that he is white. His second problem is he’s a man. His third problem: he is a heterosexual. That is not something that can be forgiven these days … American voters were given a choice. A hero who suffered while serving his Fatherland. A medal-covered hero who suffered during his service to his Fatherland, or a black lesbian, hooked on drugs, who suffered for a vape with hashish, and well-known, for the sake of PR! American voters are choosing the obvious. I think that for us it’s one more piece of good news. The first good news is that Bout has returned, and the second good news is that a nation that spits on its heroes to the extent that it considers it significantly more important to free a rightfully charged well-known athlete. She didn’t suffer because she served her Motherland, but because she couldn’t live for 10 hours without hashish. Instead of freeing the person imprisoned for two years for serving his motherland, this says a lot about the state of this society, of these intelligence agencies and everything related to geopolitical confrontation.

You can watch the entire clip below.

Russians mock woke American culture following the Brittney Griner/Viktor Bout trade.

To be crystal clear, there is no proof of any kind that Paul Whelan is a spy, and if you look into his background, it’s borderline impossible to believe he’s an intelligence agent. Generally speaking, the United States of America doesn’t ship former Marines overseas to conduct covert operations in hostile nations. It’d be a bit of a red flag and not exactly under the radar.

It’s important to remember the Russians can’t be trusted at all. The government is full of dirty liars. The cases of Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner are both proof of that fact.

Paul Whelan is still being held in a Russian prison. (Photo credit should read KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

Having said that, there’s no question there is truth behind the idea the Griner trade is being used to push woke talking points.

Don Lemon said Griner being released was important for the “LGBTQ community.” Most of us think getting Americans back is important simply because they’re Americans. It shouldn’t have anything to do with race, gender or sexual orientation.

Rational people don’t focus on identity politics, which is what feeds and fuels the woke mob, during a time like this. Good Americans only care about getting other Americans home. It shouldn’t matter past that.

It’s great to have Griner back, but clearly, people are not pleased with how this all shook out. The fact Russian TV is just openly mocking us for the lopsided deal is salt in the wound.

Written by David Hookstead

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