Ron DeSantis Is Now the Betting Favorite To Win the 2024 Election

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Although it sometimes feels like the 2020 election was only yesterday, speculation about the 2024 cycle is already heating up.

Even with a highly anticipated midterm congressional election in just a few months, the Presidential race always carries significant weight.

Current President Joe Biden, meanwhile, has never been more unpopular, with polling averages showing a dramatic spread between his approval and disapproval ratings:

A nearly 19% gap is the highest of his Presidency and even worse than the last polling done on Donald Trump, which was conducted after the events of January 6th.

Dissatisfaction on the direction of the country has also grown exponentially, with only 19.5% of respondents saying the US is going down the right path.

Biden has been an ineffectual, controversial leader, and his dramatic decline in mental capability has become even more apparent in recent days. Instead of commanding speeches, well thought out explanations for policy goals and toned down rhetoric designed to unify the country, Biden has required written instructions on when to sit down:


Perhaps even worse than receiving directions saying: “YOU take YOUR seat” is not being mentally fit enough to realize that you’re holding your embarrassing instruction sheet towards the many cameras in the room.

Biden’s unpopularity, constant gaffes and disastrous handling of inflation and economic issues has opened the door for challengers on both sides and led to huge gains in Republican voter registration.


According to the betting market though, no potential challenger is as strong as Ron DeSantis.

Nearly two years out, DeSantis is the 7/2 favorite, with Donald Trump close behind at 4/1.

Biden meanwhile, ranks 3rd at 6/1 with Kamala Harris a distant 4th at roughly 16/1.

DeSantis has been a tremendous success as governor of Florida, helping to create record breaking tourism numbers, a commitment to freedom and fighting “woke” companies like Disney, and importing huge amounts of household wealth.

Even Joe Rogan has said he considers DeSantis the strongest candidate, a dramatic reversal of his previous endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

While DeSantis may be the preferred candidate for many, Donald Trump still maintains a tremendous amount of support among Republicans. He hasn’t officially declared whether he’ll be staying out of the race or attempting to win another term, but rumors are flying that he could announce his candidacy as soon as July 4th.

With Biden’s popularity at an all time low, either Republican would be expected to beat the rapidly fading Democrat at this point in the race.

But even with Trump’s massive base and huge national profile, Ron DeSantis is currently the overall favorite to become President in 2024.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC


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  1. My hope is DJT comes out 100% in support of DeSantis in ’24 …. the DJT can go full-bore 24/7 Attack Mode on Biden/Dems without harming DeSantis. Trump buying a media outlet would be good too.
    The Dems will go full attack mode on DeSantis too but he won’t be as easy a target as DJT. If DJT is the nominee 50,000,000 terminal Trump-Haters will automatically vote for whatever human hairball the Dems nominate just as they did with Brandon.

  2. RD is on record saying he won’t run against Trump and Trump won this past election unless you have to believe Biden received more votes than anyone in history that’s a bridge too far for me. And the dems know Trump will win that’s why they are trying so hard with this jan 6 BS if they didn’t think he could win they would just be quiet.

  3. RD and DJT have to cut a deal. It would be a disaster for them to oppose each other.
    Regardless who heads the ticket, the “Dominion issue” has to be minimized if not eliminated. To do that, Repubs must have majority in Congress and Senate after November.

  4. I love DJT and what he did for America and especially how hard he ran in the last election. However I just don’t think 80 year olds should be president or even people in their late seventies. For that reason I would prefer Desantis. Although if DJT won the nomination he definitely get my vote. But I’m still not convinced DJT will run again. But definitely they should not run against each other. I do believe Desantis will eventually become President. His track record and even military record are fantastic bonafides!

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