Rob Gronkowski Tells Kay Adams That Giants HC Brian Daboll Can Convince Him To Un-Retire

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Rob Gronkowski is providing a glint of hope for NFL fans waiting on his un-retirement.

It’s a great day to be a Kay Adams fan (as is the case every day), but it’s also great being a Giants fan after Gronk admitted on “Up & Adams” that the only coach capable of convincing the 34-year-old to come out of retirement is New York head coach Brian Daboll.

Speaking with Kay on the most recent episode of U&A, Gronk poked the chances of returning to the NFL, already celebrated as one of the best tight ends ever.

Adams was almost reticent to discuss the topic based on how much teasing Gronk has done since retiring in 2022.

“Brian Daboll, play for my hometown team,” Gronkowski said to Kay. “I mean, he can’t get me out of retirement, but he’d have the best chance of getting me out of retirement.”

Gronk spoke glowingly on the potential for the Giants offense in a two-TE system crafted by Daboll.

“That would be pretty wild. I always believe that having two tight ends; it makes the defense have the most difficult times,” Gronkowski added.

Gronk Would Love To Play For Giants HC Brian Daboll

“If you have two tight ends, I think that could make the offense unstoppable. And it’s rare if you go back to my days when I had another tight end with me, it just makes the offense prolific, unstoppable, it gives you so many more options in the run game and the pass game and play action.”

Realistically speaking, Gronk isn’t worried about coming back to the game. The first time he un-retired back in 2019 was to help out longtime teammate Tom Brady in his new venture with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady officially retired after last season, and without his buddy TB12 in the NFL, Gronk likely stays retired.

It’s a fun idea to poke every season, so let’s ask: why the Giants?

Better yet, Daboll specifically?

Daboll’s move from Buffalo to New York last year showcased the head coach’s real effect on commanding offenses. While Josh Allen played another superb campaign in his first year without Daboll as OC in 2022, he showed a slight regression in deep-ball play and ball security.

Then there’s Giants QB Daniel Jones‘ renewed confidence under Daboll in 2022. Daboll proved to be at the heart of Jones’ contract extension with the Giants and the team’s journey to the postseason after a five-year playoff drought.

Gronk seems content with staying retired, but we can always dream.

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