Rob Gronkowski Done With NFL, Says He’s All In On Pickleball Like A True Old Person

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Well, Rob Gronkowski is really retired now.

The former NFL star — and future Hall of Famer — told TMZ not only is he not coming back to the league, but he’s turned all his attention to … pickleball.


And if that doesn’t sound like today’s peak retiree, I don’t know what does.

“I beat my brother, Chris, who plays with pros, and my other brother, Gordon, who plays with pros too!” he told the outlet. “And I beat ’em with an average Joe — my other brother, Glenn G., was my partner.”

Rob Gronkowski all in on pickleball.
Gronk focusing on pickleball. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Rob Gronkowski crushing people on pickleball court

Yep, Gronk is gonezo. No Brady and now he’s a dominant pickleballer? We’re never gonna see the big fella in No. 87 mossing people again — at least on the gridiron.

Sad, but I also respect it.

Pickleball is the old-persons game right now, and it’s exploded in popularity — so much so that guys like Brady and LeBron are investing in professional teams. No shot Gronk doesn’t jump on that bandwagon here pretty soon, right?

“I’m happily retired. I’m still competing, I’m still winning, so I don’t even need to go back to football,” he continued.

Gonna miss Gronk on the field every Sunday, but perhaps we’ll see him owning a bunch of 70-year-olds on the court sometime soon. Perhaps even at a park near you!

Don’t know that the 69 jokes will play as well there, though.

Written by Zach Dean

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