Rob Gronkowski’s Super Bowl Field Goal Sparks Controversy Over Whether He Really Missed As Kay Adams Celebrated A Make

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Everything about Rob Gronkowski’s ‘Kick Of Destiny’ was a huge letdown. The anticlimactic field goal could not have been less exciting and it also came with (very unimportant) controversy.

Before we get into the breakdown, let me start by giving credit to FanDuel where credit is due. The promotional stunt more than served its purpose and here we are, one day later, talking about the kick.

Well done, FanDuel, you won this round. DraftKings is still the move, though.

Despite the fact that the ‘Kick Of Destiny‘ was effective in its marketing, the entire thing was a mess.

All week, really all month leading up to the Super Bowl, countless commercials promoted a live field goal from Rob Gronkowski. Details were not specific, so it left viewers to come to their on conclusions as to what it might be.

Where most expected Gronk to kick a field goal at the big game, in front of thousands of NFL (and Rihanna) fans, the actual ‘Kick Of Destiny’ took place at an undisclosed location in Arizona. And the entire production felt wonky.

Just after halftime, the broadcast cut to a field in the middle of nowhere for the live field goal attempt. Gronkowski and his team of advisors, including Adam Vinatieri, stood by for the “okay.”

Once it was given, the 33-year-old retired tight end stepped into his kick and sent it sailing wide left. Even though he missed, the celebration was on because FanDuel users still won free bets.

First and foremost, the entire thing felt prerecorded. It may not have been, but it sure felt that way.

Did Rob Gronkowski really miss the Kick Of Destiny?

This where the “controversy” lies. Here is the ‘Kick Of Destiny’ in its entirety:

When you slow it down frame by frame, there is a case to be made that the kick actually slipped inside the left upright. It’s not completely clear.

Even Kay Adams and her crew, employed by FanDuel, thought that the kick went in.

Here is another look at a frozen frame that seems to show the ball in front of the upright:

Rob Gronkowski’s Kick Of Destiny

Even still, the debate continues. One theory floating around the internet is that the kick was pre-taped and edited. However, video from the scene would prove that theory wrong. It was a definitive miss.

Or was it? People still aren’t buying it.

A side-by-side comparison of the commercial that aired and video posted to Twitter also appears to show a stark contrast. The two videos seem to have discrepancies.

Whether Gronk actually made the kick or not is a secret that FanDuel will likely take to its grave, but he joined Adams on Monday morning and pushed for a chance at redemption.

Will Gronk get another shot? Did his first attempt go in? Did it miss? Was it live? Were there multiple takes? The debate continues…

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