Rapper Defends Ja Morant, Can’t Understand Backlash

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A Memphis rapper wants to know why people are so up in arms about Ja Morant’s penchant for waving firearms at things.

Morant has been at the center of multiple incidents involving violence and/or firearms. The video that surfaced over the weekend of him flashing a gun in a car, is just the latest.

However, rapper Blocboy JB said Morant did nothing wrong. He took to his Instagram story to post a defense of the 23-year-old’s actions,

Memphis rapper Blocboy JB posed a defense of Grizzlies star Ha Morant on his Instagram story (Instagram/blocboy_jb)

“Guns are not illegal,’ the rapper wrote, showing himself to be well aware of the Second Amendment.

“If he turnt in his car with his gun dats in his name in his yard and somebody recorded him dat ain’t on him. Free Ja.”

I’ll help out here, just in case you need the Sparknotes version of that sentence to understand that. Blocboy JB was saying that if Ja was “turnt” or drunk in a car with a gun that he owns, but someone recorded him, the Grizzlies’ star shouldn’t be held accountable.

Does Blocboy JB Have A Point When It Comes To Ja Morant?

Never mind that being “turnt” and waving a firearm isn’t a great idea under any circumstances, Blocboy (gonna go out on a limb and guess that’s not his Christian name), might be right to a degree. It could easily be found that Ja Morant didn’t break any laws. At least not any that could be proven.

That’s what happened following the strip club incident. However, it was still such a bad look that the team and the NBA took action.

Even if he didn’t break any laws, it’s fair to say that this incident is worse than the previous incident. That’s because it’s crystal clear that Morant didn’t learn a thing from being suspended.

That, or he just flat-out didn’t care.

The Grizzlies suspended Morant indefinitely following this most recent incident.

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