Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Appear To Have Exaggerated Their High-Speed NYC Chase Story

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to have fabricated their high-speed chase from paparazzi in New York City.

And they still wonder why they can’t have the public on their side.

On Tuesday night, the Royal couple were leaving a Manhattan event when they said they were being chased by paparazzi for over TWO HOURS across the world’s most popular city in what the couple said was a “near catastrophic” incident.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle claim they were being chased by paparazzi for hours in New York City. (Photo by Selcuk Acar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

I’m sorry but with everyone having cell phone camera these days, you can understand why so many were skeptical when the news broke with hardly any evidence to back it up, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

“I would find it hard to believe that there was a two-hour high speed chase,” the Mayor told reporters.

Uhh, ya think?

How about the cab driver himself playing down Harry and Meghan’s story:


To be fair, the couple were being followed by paparazzi… but that shouldn’t shock them considering they always are. But just because they don’t like it or are annoyed by it doesn’t mean they can just make up stories.

The NYPD confirmed that the two were having difficulties trying to get away from photographers as they attempted to get back to where they were staying, but added that no one was hurt and no vehicles were involved in any sort of crash.

What made the story even more questionable was the timing of it. Just last week, Harry filed a second lawsuit against the British government demanding that they pay for his security expenses here in America.

Then, just a few days later he’s suddenly involved in a “high-speed chase” like he’s starring in a Mission Impossible movie? What a coincidence!

The fact that it’s already been over 24 hours since the “catastrophic” event took place and we still don’t have any significant video from anyone showing anything of the sort just adds another bad look on the couple.


I don’t understand why they keep doing this to themselves.

They could have come out and released a real statement calling out the paparazzi for making things unsafe for NYC residents. Hell, call those photographers crazy lunatics – the average person would agree and be on their side – especially when you look at what Harry had to deal with regarding his late mother Princess Diana.

Pap’s are the worst, we understand that – turn it on them and call them out for being God awful.

Instead, however, you have Harry and Meghan releasing a statement that they are being chased for TWO HOURS in Manhattan? It’s such a pointless and exaggerated lie. Are they that distanced from reality to realize just how pathetic they come across?

All I know is I can’t wait for the South Park episode on the ‘car chase to nowhere.’

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.

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