Penn State Parents Become Third Group to Petition B1G to Bring Back Football

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The avalanche of bad news continues for the Big Ten as a third parental group has filed a petition to reinstate the season. Penn State parents have followed Ohio State and Iowa as collectives that are speaking out against the postponement/cancelation of the season.

It is officially a public relations nightmare for B1G Commissioner Kevin Warren — whose son is slated to play for Mississippi State, a fact that was pointed out early in the letter.

Many of the requests followed in line with the other two letters but instead of signing as a collective the parents were line items that took a separate tweet just to get them all included.

The list of demands included reinstatement of the original schedule that the league established on Aug. 5; full transparency requests as to the data which was used to make the decisions; a Zoom call with the Big Ten Commissioner; allowing the teams to practice and prepare immediately as the decision is made, and provide the action plan and protocols to move forward.

The dismantling of the main myocarditis research has been at the center point of the new discussion. Outkick was in front of the myocarditis worries, discussing it from two opposing viewpoints and covered the latest challenge by Big Ten cardiologists to the myocarditis conclusions that backs up expressions that the JAMA article may not hold water clinically and a heart expert that says “we should put little stock in this paper.”

It is likely that more parental collectives will join in the petitioning and, perhaps, save B1G football.

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  1. One month ago, players were accusing their universities of exploiting them and were threatening to hold the schools hostage by not playing. Now they are begging to play and ripping the universities for depriving them of the opportunity to play. The schools have to consider their legal exposure: if a few players get really sick or even die, the players could file a class action suit that would bankrupt the institutions. Are these parents willing to sign waivers to alleviate this exposure?

  2. I don’t feel sorry one bit for the most liberal progressive collection of colleges in the country. Let them learn.

    Some financial pain has to be felt by these billion dollar money laundering progressive anarchists compounds.

    It costs $50-60k per year to attend the cheapest U in the Big 10. Imagine that. And then sports subsidized that Tuition!? And prof salaries and fishing trips!

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