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Big Ten Commissioner’s Son Is Playing at Mississippi State This Fall

Total387 On Monday Powers Warren, a redshirt junior tight end at Mississippi State, is scheduled to begin official practice with the Bulldogs for the 2020 football season. In so doing, Powers isn’t particularly unique, he’ll be one of roughly 1200 scholarship athletes preparing to play football in the SEC this fall. But there’s one thing More





Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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  1. “What’s good for thee, is not good for me”

    The leftist “elites” of the Big 10 are Pac 12 are now best known for offering platitudes and “having dialogues”. Not surprisingly, the major cities in their states are a giant disaster. (Chicago, Detroit, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, etc..)

    The SEC, and most of the ACC are now going to be best known for building, accomplishing, making things happen despite heavy adversity. Sums up the divide in America perfectly. Do you want to be on the side of the talkers or the do’ers.

    • Anton spot on ! the word Freedom that’s really what it is all about we are a free people with guaranteed rights put forth in our Constitution . Nothing should be shut down we as citizens should be allowed to decide where/when we want to go and what we want to do. Government has stepped way way over the line with these restrictions and shut downs. I’m all for the guidelines and think we should practice them but all this other nonsense get outta here play ball.

  2. Dan Dakich on 107.5 The Fan in Indy has reported on his show that he has been told by Big 10 people that the decision to cancel football was made by the attorneys for the universites who fear liability lawsuits brought by athletes who catch Covid and potentially sue, and having them sign waivers was out of the question. I know Clay has addressed this on the show, but attorneys are like medical experts, they will be listened to even if they are wrong. That would explain in-part the hypocrisy and the lack of transparency as to the decision-making process.

  3. So the unknown Covid risk is greater than the known concussion risk, or the risk of other physical injuries? Funny how these elites, who are always preaching the importance of choice for women, fail to give choice to adult men to play football. CHOICE…the ability to choose whether they want to play, or the choice to opt out. The choice to show their worth on the field to NFL scouts. These athletes, in college & the pros, will be monitored much more closely than any of the elderly living in nursing homes, whose risk of infection is incalculably higher.

    Thankfully our ancestors who built the modern world, who encountered risks such as plagues, attacks from wild animals & other humans, for starters, didn’t cower in their stick & stone huts out of fear. We’ve gone soft, to say it mildly.

  4. Wouldn’t happen during an Obama administration at least not in the first term. This has to be the hill to die on. Play football fools. There are safeguards with regards to Covid. Not so much for actually playing the game, concussions, paralysis and possibly death. I’m not sure there is a clearer delineation between two political parties than this. (R) life comes with inherent risk and with that risk can come great reward. (D) we have a can’t do attitude and there will be no risk and damn sure no reward. (D) that last part will be modified to no reward and risk up the ass if a Democrat is president. We will consider cutting Police budgets, coddle crime type folk, a wall at the border, no we will go with buses to get them to a city near you (paperwork not required) and we will take your football because we care. To our voting block we will do the thinking and you like a child will fall in line and be in the end grateful for our compassion.

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