Paulina Gretzky Is Fired Up For The Masters

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The greatest four days in golf tees off in less than 24 hours, and while Mother Nature may not quite be ready for it, Paulina Gretzky surely is.

Wayne’s 34-year-old daughter fired up the Instagram machine after a few quiet weeks ahead of The Masters, and let everyone know she was ready to read some putts for her man, Dustin Johnson.

Don’t know if the former Masters champ needs any help with that, but I’d imagine he’d welcome it. I know I would!

Paulina Gretzky ready for The Masters with Dustin Johnson.
Queen Paulina is ready for the weekend.

Paulina Gretzky rides with Dustin Johnson at The Masters

Love the creativity from our girl Paulina here. I’m always game for some Polaroid action in the year 2023, and you add in some well placed cleavage on the stairs and I’m obviously all in.

This is a massive week for Paulina Gretzky and DJ, too. The Masters is big enough in itself, but these two are back around the PGA couples after months of living the LIV life, which will undoubtedly lead to some shenanigans.

Skinny Phil Mickelson already got the ball rolling during Tuesday’s champion’s dinner, where he reportedly sat in silence the whole time.

Love that. Give me next-level petty Phil Mickelson all damn weekend.

I can’t imagine Dustin Johnson stooped to that level, though. If we learned anything from Full Swing, it’s that DJ really doesn’t care about anyone or any thing, so I’d guess he just showed up and acted like nothing was wrong.

Can’t blame him, either. I mean, when you get to go home to someone like Paulina Gretzky, is there really ever a bad day?

I don’t think so. DJ and Paulina by a billion this week.

Written by Zach Dean

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