Paulina Gretzky Goes On One Of The Greatest 34 Or Older Content Benders In Internet History

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Paulina Gretzky is getting to that age where Instagram stars rarely go on full content benders unless they’re slinging nudes on OnlyFans.

What we saw this weekend out of The Great One’s daughter in Mexico was easily one of the greatest content performances the Internet has seen out of a woman over 34 (she turned 34 in December) in easily a decade or more.

Let’s face it, most legendary content producers go HARD until they reach about 28 or 29 and then things start to slow down like an NFL running back who’s had some wear and tear on the body. Remember the run Kate Upton went on? Now 30, she’s been out of the game for at least 4-5 years.

Paulina Gretzky, 34, had herself quite a weekend in Mexico while her husband, Dustin Johnson, played in the LIV Golf event. / Instagram / @paulinagretzky

Think back a decade to the run Candice Swanepoel went on. Now 34, she’s all but out of the content game. Or what about Marisa Miller, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who owned the early 2010s? She’s now 44 and hasn’t posted to Instagram since 2019. What about former Victoria’s Secret model Elsa Hosk who’s now 34? She’s off doing high-end fashion model and is long gone from Internet content creation.

I’m telling you guys, the high-level content creation game for a woman 34 and over is the Mojave Desert. There’s very little life. There are very few IG Story bikini photos. And there are definitely very few moments where the 34-and-over crowd is hammering margs by the pool in Mexico like they’re on Spring Break.

That speaks to the greatness of Paulina Gretzky.

She never went down the whole ‘I’m going to turn into some yoga expert & lead vegan cooking classes’ road that so many women head down once they lose a step in the content-generating game. Paulina didn’t turn into Danica Patrick who became insufferable there for a minute with all her shaman nonsense.

Paulina and her friend Jeremy Cohen enjoyed some pool time while DJ was out working. Instagram / @paulinagretzky

Yes, Paulina has a couple of kids. Yes, Paulina could’ve hung up her content-creation boots long ago, but she refused to let the good times end and fade off into the history of the Internet.

We need more women like Paulina who refuse to fall into the mid-30s trap. Ladies, you can still have fun and create content. Put down the self-help books and the Blu of Earth shaman podcasts for a minute and let loose.

And do it somewhere other than Nashville. Get the girlfriends together for a Cozumel trip.

Live a little.

Instagram / @paulinagretzky
Instagram / @paulinagretzky

Written by Joe Kinsey

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