Paulina Gretzky Enjoys Singapore In New Hot Rod And Not Much Else

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LIV Golf Queen Paulina Gretzky is enjoying her final night in Singapore as husband Dustin Johnson looks to climb the leaderboard in the final round.

In typical Paulina fashion, Wayne’s daughter sent out an absolute heater of an Instagram post just before dinner here in the US of A, showing off her nightcap across the pond.

Couple that with a follow up post of Gretzky casually making a hot rod sweat in the parking lot, and you’ve got yourself a Saturday night banger from LIV’s social media star.

Paulina Gretzky ends LIV Golf weekend in Singapore in style.

Paulina Gretzky ends LIV Golf weekend in style

Yep, that’ll work! It was a quiet few months for Paulina, but she appears to have broken out of her funk in a big way this week. Frankly, it’s hard not to when you’re enjoying the good life over in Singapore.

Gretzky and Johnson arrived on scene early Wednesday, and it didn’t take long for Wayne’s daughter to lay down the hammer.

She attended an LIV welcome party that night, and didn’t exactly show up in jeans and a shirt.

Again, that’ll work!

It’s a big week off the course for Paulina Gretzky and DJ, as the two recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

Johnson commemorated the occasion with a cuddly Instagram post of his own, and then Paulina set the internet ablaze with her own set of posts before the action got going over at Sentosa Golf Club.

As OutKick Culture Department Co-Chair Sean Joseph wrote, it’s Gretzky’s job to set the tone off the course for the event, and she’s so far delivered this weekend.

Can’t wait to see how we wrap things up tomorrow.

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