Pat Perez’s Tough Guy Act And Constant Bashing Of The PGA Tour Has Officially Gotten Old

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Pat Perez has always had a certain arrogance and laid-back cockiness about him that has garnered him somewhat of a cult following over the years. Since making the jump to LIV Golf, however, he’s let his ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude take over while fully embracing the villain role.

Anytime Perez finds himself in front of a reporter and the PGA Tour or commissioner Jay Monahan is mentioned he’s taken time to bash them.

“I love it because we’re here and the Tour is not, end quote,” Perez said ahead of LIV Golf’s first event this season at Mayakoba, a former PGA Tour venue.

“I’m paid, I don’t give a damn,” he randomly said after winning LIV’s team championship in the fall.

Last November he even took aim at Tiger Woods and his comments about what the incentive is for LIV golfers to practice given they’re competing for guaranteed paychecks.

“That’s the stupidest sh-t I have ever heard of in my life,” Perez said about Woods, who has 79 more PGA Tour wins than he does. “That’s one of the stupidest things I think he has said.”

Pat Perez Earnings In Inaugural LIV Season Puts Things Into Perspective
Pat Perez and his constant bashing of the PGA Tour has gotten stale. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/LIV Golf via Getty Images)

Pat Perez Finds Pride In Bashing The PGA Tour

Perez’s most recent shot at the Tour and Monahan may be his fiercest, however, and he’s proud of it.

After his 4Aces team won last weekend’s LIV event in Australia, a reporter asked teammate Dustin Johnson a question about how Monahan may feel about LIV’s successful stop in Australia.

Johnson didn’t answer the question, but Perez couldn’t help himself, saying “We don’t give a damn how he feels. We know how he feels about us, so it’s mutual.”

A few media outlets misattributed the quote to Johnson, but Perez proudly took credit for the comment telling Sports Illustrated “DJ said nothing, it was all me.”

While Perez has every right to share his opinion and thoughts about the PGA Tour, or whatever else, that doesn’t mean he needs to.

Pat Perez’s Tough Guy Act Has Gotten Old And Annoying

Perez has not only made it abundantly clear that he despises the PGA Tour but he’s also revealed that he loves the villain role.

The problem is, there isn’t a single person involved with the PGA Tour that cares what he says. The man is speaking to no one.

Looking at the contrast between the unofficial spokespeople of LIV Golf and the PGA Tour really puts things into perspective.

Standing in the LIV Golf corner you have Perez, someone well beyond their prime who made the jump to the Saudi-backed circuit with three PGA Tour wins in his career. He also had one Top 30 finish in six starts last season with LIV yet continuously talked poorly of the Tour while riding the coattails of his 4Aces teammates to a large payday.

Rory McIlroy Issues Threat To PGA Tour If It Doesn't Roll Back Golf Ball
Rory McIlroy is the unofficial spokesperson of the PGA Tour, which is quite the contrast to Pat Perez and LIV. (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Then, in the PGA Tour corner, you have Rory McIlroy who is arguably the most well-respected professional golfer alive. While McIlroy has done his fair share of bashing of LIV Golf, he also has the wherewithal to realize that the two sides eventually need to work together.

Perez will continue to go about his business his own way as he always has, and more power to him, but he’s only looking more foolish each time he opens his mouth.

McIlroy will do the same, and while you don’t have to be Team Rory like most others are, the majority of folks are going to side with the more accomplished player that shares meaningful insight and not immature digs in hopes of getting a laugh.

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  1. I know several golf fans who are fed up with Rory for his LIV golf bashing and are openly rooting against him, myself included. And Monahan did enough negative things to the LIV golfers that Perez has every right to rip him and the Tour whenever he gets the chance. So I’ve got no problem with Perez standing up for LIV, especially when many in the leftist sports media, as Clay accurately calls it, continue to bash them. So I think you’ve missed the boat here.

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