Rory McIlroy Reiterates LIV Golf, PGA Tour Should Work Together

Rory McIlroy continues to be the unofficial spokesperson for the PGA Tour when it comes to the ongoing battle with LIV Golf. While he’s changed his tune about certain circumstances at hand, a recent message from him is becoming a consistent one, and that is that he believes the two sides can, and should, find a way to work together.


Speaking ahead of this week’s Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at St. Andrews, McIlroy again fielded a number of questions about the Saudi-backed circuit. The topic of whether or not LIV Golf deserves Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) points continues to be a major talking point.

When asked about the OWGR issues and the many others between LIV and the PGA Tour, McIlroy explained the best way for things to be resolved is for the two sides to come together.

“I’ve always said I think there is a time and a place where everyone that’s involved here should sit down and try to work together. It’s very hard for that to happen right now when there’s two lawsuits going on,” McIlroy explained, according to Golf Monthly.

“And I think, as well, there’s a natural timeline here to let temperatures just sort of settle down a little bit and people can maybe go into those mediations with cooler heads and not be so emotional about it all.”

Rory McIlroy Calls Saudi LIV Golf Investments 'A Good Thing'
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Not McIlroy’s First LIV Comments

McIlroy made similar comments about LIV Golf and the PGA Tour needing to work with one another back in July.

Depending on who you ask, the world of professional golf is either in an interesting spot or a terrible spot with the ongoing power struggle and disruption.

McIlroy is of the belief that the game is fractured, and will only get worse unless the Tour and LIV figure out how to get along.

“I don’t want a fractured game. The game of golf is ripping itself apart right now and that’s no good for anyone. It’s not good for the guys on the traditional system or the guys on the other side either,” McIlroy explained.

“Right now, with where everything is, it’s probably not the right time but we probably can’t leave it too much longer. I’m all for getting round the table and sorting things out.”

While McIlroy would like to see things worked out, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan recently explained he has no desire to ever work with LIV Golf.

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  1. Haven’t figured out what LIV has done to expand the game. The PGA has South American & Asian tours. there is a tour in Australia, South African tour. Also, they sponsor junior (boys and girls), so where are they going to expand? Russia and/or China? The LIV’s profile looks like they pay enormous amount of money to play, but they can’t do anything without LIV’s approval, what they wear, what they can and can’t say and where and when. Not my idea of expanding the game

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