Paige Spiranac Takes Her Talents To The U.S. Open

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Paige Spiranac is starting off her September much like she ended August, on a high note. Golf’s No. 1 influencer swapped her unapproved country club golf attire for a bikini as she bid last month a farewell.

This weekend she took her talents to Queens, New York for one of tennis’ biggest annual events, the U.S. Open. With the internet’s favorite viral beer chugger attending the tournament, but so far failing to complete her three-peat, someone else needs to help bring some attention to the event.

Why not Paige Spiranac? She has an enormous following, wrote the book on golf influencing, and isn’t afraid to turn some heads, which is precisely what she did.

While it wasn’t putting the finishing touches on the month of August in a bikini, Paige did show up fully prepared to get September off on a strong start.

Paige Spiranac Is Lending A Helping Hand To The Sport Of Tennis

Having Paige in the building isn’t taking away from the work being put in at the U.S. Open by the World’s No. 1 Tennis Influencer, Rachel Stuhlmann.

She’s often referred to as the “Paige Spiranac of Tennis,” but she’s pretty much flying solo when it comes to tennis influencing. Paige has created a ton of copycats in the golf world.

Like it or not, the copycats are helping to elevate golf while the pushing Paige to keep coming up with new content. A helping hand in tennis from one of the best in the game is a win for everyone.

Rachel appears to recognize that and gave a little tip of the tennis balls to golf influencer.

Now that’s a content rally. If we’re lucky Paige will be offering up some more assistance to tennis, and other sports for that matter.

Not that golf still doesn’t need her, but a sport like tennis – which is in good hands with Rachel – could use the extra eyeballs that comes with everything she does.

Here’s to more content rallies from two of the best in the business.

Written by Sean Joseph

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