Paige Spiranac Drops FAQs In A Low Cut Knit Top

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Paige Spiranac has had an interesting week which started last weekend with the Masters Girl Aaliyah Kikumoto stretching her 15 minutes by mentioning she wants to be the next golf influencer. The roadmap to achieving that has already been written by Paige, of course.

Paige then took time out of her content battle with up and coming golf influencers to aim her sword at the LIV Golf haters. A passionate defense of the Saudi-backed organization and the fun they have didn’t last long.

Golf Influencer Paige Spiranac
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For reasons she has yet to reveal, quite possibly some upset higher ups over at the PGA, the video was deleted from her Twitter account. That’s a lot of excitement even for the most prominent of influencers, but Paige wasn’t finished.

There was some news of an influencer alliance that has been formed between two of the top influencers. Paige Spiranac has been mentoring Olivia Dunne.

This was revealed in the announcement that Olivia will be in the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The gymnast says Paige has been helping her deal with the tougher aspects of being a social media star.

“People always comment stuff that they would never say to your face, so part of it is just having developed tough skin. Social media is hard,” Dunne told SI of her life as an influencer.

“That’s something that Paige Spiranac helped me with, just keeping certain parts of your life private. Making sure not to post things that, you know, maybe you don’t want people’s feedback on.”

That’s good news for the Master Girl, should she reach her goal of becoming a golf influencer. Paige will mentor influencers looking for advice. Whether that generosity is extended to copycat golf influencers has yet to be seen.

There’s Nobody Better At The One-Two Punch On Multiple Platforms

Paige rounded out her week, the work week anyway, with some FAQs. She did so in a very Paige Spiranac way, with humor and a low cut top.

Her Twitter and Instagram received two slightly different versions of her “frequently asked questions,” only because she’s not a cut and paste kind of influencer.

The overall theme remained the same. Here’s what she shared over on Twitter, “Hi new followers My name is Paige and here’s some facts about me.

-I’m a scratch golfer and hate slow play

-I started a job in media after I couldn’t hack it as a pro golfer

-They are real and spectacular

-I own who I am and never afraid to stand up for what I believe in

She closed by saying, “Hope you enjoy following me and my great personality.”

Instagram’s version, again slightly different, started off with, “Hi friends! Here’s some answers to my most frequently asked questions.”

-I’m a scratch golfer and my lowest round is 63

-I switched to media work after I mentally couldn’t handle the pressure of pro golf

-They are real and spectacular

-Yes I know what I’m doing and own it!

-My favorite color is pink, favorite flower is a sunflower and I’m 5’8″

The version on the gram wrapped up seeking some interaction, you know for the algorithm, “I love connecting with people on social media and thank you for following my life on here! Tell me one fact about you in the comments below.”

There’s A Reason People Are Seeking Paige Spiranac’s Advice And Not The Other Way Around

That’s a full week for anyone. A one-two FAQ punch on two separate platforms is influencing at the highest level.

There’s a reason that other influencers are looking to form alliances. The content is an important part of the influencing equation, obviously.

But so is navigating everything else that comes along with generating that content. Nobody’s better than Paige.

Written by Sean Joseph

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