Omaha Productions Says Chad Powers Is Ready To Answer The Call To Help Giants

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Chad Powers is the biggest fictional character to hit the football world since Lennay Kekua. Eli Manning’s Penn State walk-on alter ego has been namechecked in press conferences and is now t-shirt fodder.

Now Omaha Productions — the Mannings’ production company — has tweeted out an offer for Powers to step in and help Eli’s old team, the New York Giants.

It started when ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that the Giants could be in a bit of a quarterback bind.

With Daniel jones and Tyrod Taylor both out with injury the team has been kicking the tires on some quarterbacks which prompted Omaha Productions to reply with a video of Eli’s turn as Chad Powers with the caption, “Ready to answer the call.”

Offering to help your old team is the hottest thing in the NFL right now. Chad Johnson, Dez Bryant, and Terrell Owens (by way of TJ Houshmandzadeh) have all been floated as possible players who could make returns to the NFL.

Chad Powers, AKA Eli Manning, is now the latest to join that list.

Another Chad Powers Bit Just Won’t Work

If you thought Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens making an NFL comeback sounds gimmicky, imagine Eli Manning hitting the field in a wig, fake stache, and chin putty.

That would be… something.

As much as sending Chad Powers out to Giants practice seems like a no-brainer opportunity for what the kids call, “content,” it won’t work.

Unfortunately, everyone who even pays a slight amount of attention to football knows about Chad Powers. This means that there’s no chance of an incognito Eli rolling up to Giants practice and throwing some dimes.

The element of surprise is gone which means any future Chad Powers bits will rely on team personnel suspending disbelief. They’ll have to pretend they don’t know full well that they’re watching ELi Manning in a wig.

I don’t think that’s going to happen.

The first Chad Powers bit was fun. Let’s try to keep it that way by not doing what we do with anything that becomes remotely popular: running it into the ground until no one likes it anymore.

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