Olivia Dunne Rival Breckie Hill Teases Shower Video After Sports Illustrated Deal

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Breckie Hill, the Olivia Dunne antichrist, is teasing a new shower video to combat Livvy’s latest gig with Sports Illustrated.

Check and mate.

Hill fired up the TikTok machine and sent a flurry of racy videos in the wake of Dunne’s big week — which included becoming SI’s next model — and her millions of followers ate it up like a Saturday morning brunch.

Who needs to rinse off?!

Olivia Dunne clone Breckie Hill teases shower video with Megan Eugenio

I mean, there’s a ton to unpack there. You wanna go through the Thunderdome of TikTok drama with me on a Saturday morning? Fine. Buckle the hell up.

Let’s start with Overtime Megan, since she’s all over the dark web right now. Her real name is Megan Eugenio, and she went viral late last year because people thought she banged Antonio Brown.

That’s basically the simplest way I can put it. Sorry to be so crass this early, but it is what it is.

Fast-forward a few months, and OT Megan is back in the news in an absolute mammoth way this week because, well, she was hacked. Apparently, a bunch of VERY NSFW stuff got leaked, and all hell has broke loose.

The video(s) have since been scrubbed from Reddit and Twitter (allegedly), but the damage has been done. Megan’s deleted her TikTok, which is this generation’s way of taking your ball and going home.

She’s out — for now.

Which brings us back to Olivia Dunne clone, Breckie Hill.

Breckie Hill fights back after Olivia Dunne joins Sports Illustrated.

Breckie’s been on an absolute heater lately when it comes to content, and she’s ramping things up yet again.

Obviously the shower video TikTok — which has nearly 5 millions views — teases a potential NSFW leak any day now from the Hill camp. Hell, it may have already happened and I just don’t know about it.

Combine that with the follow-up video, which ends with the kicker, you’ll have to find out soon, and heads are spinning on a Saturday morning.

So, where does Olivia Dunne fit into all this? Well, Breckie Hill made a name for herself a few months back when she was declared “Livvy with cannons,” and it’s been game on ever since.

The two social media heavyweights have traded blows for months, and it’s hit a tipping point in recent weeks. Earlier this week, Breckie fired off a viral TikTok showing off her flexibility, which was another clear, yet subtle, shot at Dunne.

Livvy, by the way, has so far kept the blinders on like the professional she is. What’s she done this week? Oh, not much — just become the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, no big deal.

Late Friday, the LSU gymnast did appear to take a little swipe back at Breckie, which I respected the hell out of.

Big week for Livvy, no doubt about it. But Hill teasing some sort of shower/OT Megan collab would set the internet on fire and put her right back in the driver’s seat.

Stay tuned.

Written by Zach Dean

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