NSYNC Is Back – Is Super Bowl Halftime Show Next?

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1990’s teeny boppers are losing their minds after NSYNC reunited last night at the MTV Video Music Awards. The group was on hand from New Jersey’s Prudential Center to present the Best Pop award to Taylor Swift.

First off, don’t worry if you weren’t aware the VMAs happened last night – I don’t think anyone would have known if the news of the boy bands’ reunion wasn’t leaked earlier in the day from a source to TMZ. And to be fair, MTV has never lived up to its greatness ever since I dominated my “Becoming: Blink 182” appearance back in the day.

Regardless, the pop star boy band sensations haven’t performed together in public in over a decade since the five members reunited for Justin Timberlake’s acceptance of the MTV Vanguard Award in 2013.


Want to feel old?

The last time NSYNC released a full length album was 2001’s Celebrity, which is depressing to think about.

During her acceptance speech, Swift even yelled “I had your dolls!” in reference to those damn marionette figurines that seemed like my entire elementary school had.


The timing of NSYNC’s reunion’ couldn’t have worked out better for what I wrote about just a few weeks ago.

The band has been rumored to be releasing a new song for the upcoming Trolls Band Together movie; that Timberlake lends his voice to as one of the main characters.

The fact that they are also now being seen in public together and have had a social media marketing campaign that’s turning former teeny boppers into detectives and diving down deep Internet holes for references, is all too coincidental for this not to be something bigger.

And it very well could be.

I’m talking Super Bowl Halftime Show big.

According to my sources, Super Bowl Halftime Show producers Roc Nation are thinking about doing a “Boy Band” show this year. Everyone from New Kids On The Block to *NSYNC are expected to be a part of it, with Harry Styles possibly being the lead. Interestingly enough, 98 Degrees featuring Nick Lachey is also starting to post content together.

So there you have it. Just when those of us who lived through the ’90s NSYNC, Backstreet Boys madness were free from ever having to deal with it again, this happens. Because of course it does. So for all the millennial parents out there, get ready to hear “BYE BYE BYE” and “It’s Gonna Be Me…” because it seems like it’s gonna be *NSYNC once again.

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