Nikola Jokić Completely Uninterested In NBA Championship Parade, REALLY Wants To Go Home To Race Horses In Serbia

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Nikola Jokić is thrilled to have led the Denver Nuggets to the franchise’s first NBA Championship. He is not as excited about his post-NBA Championship obligations. He wants to go home.

Jokić, the NBA Finals MVP, put up big numbers to defeat the Heat in Game 5 and clinch the title. His performance throughout the entire postseason was remarkable, and Monday night was the icing on top of the proverbial cake.

As soon as the final buzzer sounded, the celebration was on in Denver. Jokić immediately went to the crowd and celebrated with his family.

The Jokic brothers were certainly having a blast.

Jokić then grabbed his daughter to join him on the court in all of the fanfare.

He later shared a special moment with her, his wife, and his two NBA Finals trophies.

His brothers also got in on the postgame photos.

And then the party started. Jokić got things going by throwing Jamal Murray into the pool.

However, as excited as Jokić may have been in the moment, reality started to set in.

Nikola Jokic wants to go home to Serbia.

There is a lot more to an NBA Championship than the postgame celebration. Jokić’s excitement didn’t dwindle, per se, but there was certainly an element of enervation.

His phone was blowing up, which was something that he decided to deal with later.

Even as soon as the game ended, Jokić was thrilled. Not only because he won, but because he can now return home to Serbia.

He shared that same sentiment when asked about the championship parade on Thursday.

Jokić isn’t looking forward to it. Serbia is calling. He just wants to go home.

Even during the locker room celebration, Jokić didn’t have much enthusiasm.

Jokić wants to go home and be with his horses.

His horses were top-of-mind all throughout night.

Fortunately, the Nuggets brought some of Jokić’s culture back to him in Denver.

Jokić got a taste of what he is missing, though it might have made him miss Serbia even more. He just wants to go home.

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