Tyreek Hill Says The Cheetah Is Here, Calls Out Bengals DB Eli Apple: 'I Owe You, Boy!'

Tyreek Hill didn't see much action in Sunday's win over Buffalo, and the Miami Dolphins receiver appears ready to take it out on Bengals DB Eli Apple.

Following Miami's thrilling 21-19 win over their AFC East rivals, Hill - who only had two catches - took aim at Cincinnati's defensive back in the most Tyreek Hill way possible.

From the sunglasses, to the beanie, to the towel draped across his back, this was PRIME Tyreek Hill.

The Dolphins (3-0) are the AFC's last unbeaten team, and head to Cincinnati Thursday night to open week 4 of the NFL season. The defending AFC champs finally won a game Sunday, pummeling the Jets for their first 'dub of 2022.

Last year, Apple - who had a pick in Sunday's win - and the Bengals knocked off Hill's Kansas City Chiefs twice in the span of the month, including the AFC title game.

Apple didn't hold back after that last game, either, offering Hill and teammate Mecole Hardman Super Bowl tickets on Twitter.

He also doubled down and called Hill a "baby."

That credit card bill has apparently come due, Eli!

"The Cheetah is HERE," Hill said. "I owe you, boy. I owe you."

Eli Apple roasted by Tyreek Hill after Super Bowl collapse

For those who don't remember, Eli Apple is pretty much despised by receivers around the NFL - especially in New Orleans and New York.

Apple RIPPED both cities in a tweet before the Super Bowl, calling The Big Easy the "dirtiest, smelliest" city ever, and then saying in another tweet he didn't know which fanbase he hated more: New York or New Orleans.

Of course, Apple then promptly gave up the game-winning touchdown to the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl a few weeks later, and got torched.

Despite a quiet game Sunday, Hill has already put up monster numbers in his first season with the Dolphins.

He's currently third in the NFL in both yards (317) and yards per game (105.7), just behind fellow Miami WR Jaylen Waddle in both categories.

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