The New Call Of Duty Couldn't Come Out At A Worse Time For Kyler Murray, Cardinals

The new Call of Duty is set to be released next Thursday, and Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray must be SWEATING.

Murray and the Cardinals are set to host the New Orleans Saints Oct. 20, the same day early access starts to Call of Duty II: Modern Warfare.

For those who missed it over the summer, the world went insane for about four days when the Cardinals put the now removed "Independent Study" clause in Murray's new contract.

Essentially, the team was forcing the star QB to mandate four hours a week to film study - a request that certainly seemed odd on paper.

Anyway, the world went crazy, the Cardinals pulled the clause and everything was peachy again ...

... until one Reddit sleuth went the extra mile and put on his Big J journalism hat and found some concerning trends when it comes to Kyler and video games.

Long story short, the user found that Murray plays significantly worse on weekends when Call of Duty is having special promotions.

Kyler Murray plays terribly on Call of Duty weekends

From the original OutKick story:

First off, the difference in passing yards and completion percentage is pretty negligible, so we’ll skip those. But the difference in passer rating? That’s certainly a show-stopper if you will.

It may not seem like a lot, but the difference between a passer rating of 97 and 89 is pretty big. Don’t believe me?

Patrick Mahomes had just over a 97 passer rating last season. Ryan Tannehill had an 89.

Justin Herbert had a 97.5 passer rating. Davis Mills had an 88.8.

Finally, the win-loss record is suspect. Murray is 18-16-1 on non-promotional weekends compared to 4-7 on others.

Anyway, looks like Kyler's going to have some tough choices to make over the next few days. Gear up for the new COD Campaign Access, or batten down the hatches and get ready for the Saints?

After last week's infamous 'slide-n-spike,' I assume Murray would pick the latter.

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