Rex Ryan Breaks Down Over Damar Hamlin Incident In Raw, Powerful Moment

Rex Ryan let out a week's worth of emotion in a viral moment during Saturday's ESPN NFL pregame show ahead of the Chiefs-Raiders finale.

Ryan, of course, was asked about Damar Hamlin, who has been in a Cincinnati hospital since Monday night after suffering cardiac arrest in the first half of the Bills-Bengals game.

Hamlin's heart stopped when he tackled Bengals WR Tee Higgins, and he had to be revived on the field with CPR before being rushed to the hospital.

The 24-year-old safety was sedated for nearly two days before waking up, and has since made a remarkable recovery.

Hamlin's neurological functions are all intact, he has movement in his hands and feet, and his breathing tube was removed overnight Thursday. He spent all day Friday FaceTiming with friends and family, and also addressed the entire Buffalo Bills' organization.

Ryan, the former New York Jets and Bills coach who's been an analyst at ESPN for years now, broke down while talking about Hamlin's first question when he woke up Wednesday night.

According to doctors, he asked who won the game.

Here's Ryan's response:

Rex Ryan breaks down over Damar Hamlin situation

Look, some things are clearly scripted when it comes to TV. They just are.

This ain't one of 'em.

Rex Ryan, like all of us, has been stressed to the max this week given what happened Monday night.

Watching Damar Hamlin collapse and literally stop breathing on national TV was one of those moments you'll always know where you were when it happened.

And then there was all the waiting. And waiting. And more waiting, with no answers. Finally, the good news started to trickle in Wednesday morning, and it's been a steady wave ever since.

Rex Ryan has never been one to hold back his emotions, and that's certainly the case here.

After the past five days, he probably speaks for all of us.

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