Marshawn Lynch Refuses To Call Russell Wilson After Richard Sherman Reveals QB Makes Them Go Through His Manager

There is a large contingency of NFL fans who do not like Russell Wilson. The Broncos quarterback, who spent 10 years with the Seahawks to begin his career, is one of the cringiest player in the league.

Just this year alone, not even counting his on-field struggles, Wilson has commanded attention for his off-field antics. He showed up to the first game of the year looking like a dinner mint, yelled at his teammates like a peewee coach, released a brutally uncomfortable Subway ad, arrived at training camp in an unnecessarily large vehicle, and continues to show very little self-awareness. That doesn't even include the whole "let's ride" saga.

Needless to say, there are countless examples of Wilson being corny, awkward, or odd.

A large part of his easily dislikable persona stems from a significant lack of relatability. It's virtually impossible to connect with Wilson on any level.

And it's not just the fans that feel that way. Marshawn Lynch recently joined Richard Sherman's podcast and revealed a bizarre tidbit about their former quarterback.

Russell Wilson requires people to go through his manager if they want to get in touch with him.

Despite the fact that Lynch and Sherman played a large chunk of their careers with Wilson, they do not have his phone number. They have to go through his manager to get in touch with him because he doesn't give out his digits.

Lynch summed it up perfectly "if I can't call you direct, then I ain't calling you. Especially if I went to war with you."

This is truly outlandish. Wilson requires people that he was around almost every single day for most of a decade to coordinate with his manager if they want to talk.

Lynch and Sherman won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks but they can't contact their former quarterback with a simple text or a call. They have to use Wilson's manager as a middle man. That's absurd!