Kliff Kingsbury Done With 'Dumb Sh-t' As Fans Rip 'Feckless' Cardinals, Hard Knocks

Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury briefly addressed the firing of offensive line coach Sean Kugler during Wednesday's episode of Hard Knocks.

And by briefly, I mean ol' Kliff basically said it's a really bad idea to grope women, it doesn't make the team look great and lets not do it again. We clear?

“Obviously a situation in the coaching staff,” Kingsbury started in a short scene during Wednesday's episode. “So I want to apologize from the coaching staff. Unacceptable. We understand that. It won’t happen again. From this whole group, I’m gonna ask two things moving forward. Make sure moving forward, nobody has to stand in front of the media and answer any questions about dumb s–t off the field, one.

"And two, effort off the field. Everybody got me? No more moving forward. We got a great group, we handle our business all year. Let’s get this thing going the right way this week.”

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury addresses recent firing

In case you missed it, the Cardinals fired offensive line coach and running game coordinator Sean Kugler earlier this week after he allegedly groped a woman in Mexico City over the weekend.

According to ESPN, Mexican authorities were notified of the incident, and then informed the Cardinals. Arizona terminated Kugler and sent him back home Monday morning.

Kugler is the second Cardinals coach to be accused of assaulting a woman this year.

Last spring, ex-running backs coach James Saxon turned himself in after assaulting a woman in her Indianapolis home. He was put on leave in August when the story became public, and resigned last month.

Kingsbury, via Arizona's team website, said this most recent firing was "certainly not ideal for a team and focus."

“You wish it didn’t occur, but it did and our team has done a great job of adjusting," he added. "Our staff, being down some numbers, guys have to step up and answer the call.”

Fans rip Cardinals, Hard Knocks after most recent episode

Wednesday's short clip was just about all fans were allowed to see from the fallout.

Despite plenty of content to air - including the abrupt dismissal of RB Eno Benjamin earlier in the week - the HBO show provided little to no insight into the two incidents.

Fans, of course, weren't pleased. Some called the in-season show "propaganda," while others came after Cardinals owner Michael Bidwell.

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