Cringe Russell Wilson Is Back, This Time Yelling At Broncos Teammates Like A Pee Wee Football Coach

The Russell Wilson experience so far with the Denver Broncos has been ... weird.

It started this summer when the Broncos' social media team posted the now infamous "Let's Ride!" video on Twitter. Then Russ showed up to camp in an armored vehicle that looked like a prop out of Batman.

In Week 1, Wilson's coach -- Nathaniel Hackett -- opted to kick a 64-yard field goal in Seattle instead of let his $200 million QB try to win the game. This past Sunday, Wilson and the Broncos were booed off the field after a dreadful first half performance before ultimately skirting by the Houston Texans.

Well, we now have a new chapter to add to 'Mr. Unlimited's' cringe collection:

Russell Wilson finds new way to annoy Broncos teammates

Good God. That video may be the new leader in the clubhouse when it comes to weird Russell Wilson antics.

We're quickly learning that Russ is the guy who takes a certain phrase and absolutely LOCKS into it.

"Let's ride!"

"Mr. Unlimited."

And now, "Run or pass!"

Look, I'm not trying to trash Wilson. He's my fantasy QB for Pete's sake! I think Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, has been for a decade, should have two Super Bowl rings, and is a genuinely nice dude.

But goodness gracious, this is intolerable.

This is like when your little league baseball coach tells you to yell "BACK!" when the pitcher throws over. Understandable teaching moment for 12-year-olds, but do we need to tell a bunch of grown professional football players to yell "run or pass" every single play?

As if ANYONE on the defense is A) listening, or B) can hear anything from the sidelines when 90,000 people are shouting at the same time.

Imagine how annoyed some of those players must be, too.

The Broncos are already playing awful, they've lost to GENO SMITH, and now you have Russell Wilson screaming "run or pass!" in your earhole every two seconds for four hours.

Funniest part comes at the end, when everyone clearly just gives up and gives Russ a half-hearted "pass" to shut him up.


Let's ride!

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