Britney Spears Posts Naked Bathtub Pics

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Content machine and sometimes singer Britney Spears spent her Sunday getting clean in the dirtiest way possible.

After taking a few weeks off from posting naked selfies, Spears capped off Thanksgiving weekend by posing nude. Britney did so while in a bathtub, giving males in their late ’30s and early ’40s one last thing to be thankful for over the weekend.

Wearing nothing but a well-placed flower emoji and cupping her candied yams, Spears posed for the camera then dropped a couple of curious lines.

Spears captioned the pic: “I like to suck,” followed by enough emojis to keep a pre-teen occupied. She then added: “Never professional pics … sucking comes easy for me !!! Keep clapping bitch,” along with a “hands clapping” emoji.

Britney Spears Turns 41 On Friday

If you didn’t follow that, the quick synopsis is – Spears likes to suck. She’s apparently a natural at doing so. She won’t soon be hiring a photographer (thanks iPhone!). And Britney Spears encourages a certain bitch to continue applauding her work.

Got it?

Personally, I agree that a round of applause is in order.

Britney Spears spent her Sunday posing naked in a bathrub. (Photo by C Flanigan/FilmMagic)

If you think Spears’ bathtub bare-all was out of character, you haven’t been following along. Britney Spears has spent more time naked online in the last year than a pay-before-you-play Hunter Biden date.

Throughout 2022 the Baby One More Time singer has been nude on a boat (OK, it was topless, but, semantics…), in a hotel room, in the pool and in front of windows.

One thing that remains consistent in the majority of her naked pics across social media is her hand placement and use of emojis. Spears clearly subscribes to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” theory. Hands on breasts and emojis occupying the downstairs are now as synonymous with Spears as conservatorships.

Britney’s Sold More Than 100 Million Records

Spears, a mother of two boys, collaborated with Elton John for the hit single Hold Me Closer, in late August. The song’s become an instant hit, debuting at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Hold Me Closer‘s success shows that while Spears admittedly likes to suck, her music career is still quite the opposite.

Now, with Christmas right around the corner and photo shots in vogue, something tells be we’ll soon be saying “Oops! She did it again.”

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Written by Anthony Farris

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