Moriah Mills Accuses Zion Williamson Of Beating Her, Says He’s Paying Hush Money

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Moriah Mills is at it again, this time accusing Zion Williamson of beating her in a 1-minute TikTok posted today.

The porn star, who has been embroiled in controversy with the NBA star for a month now, appeared emotional in the video, calling Williamson a “woman-beater” multiple times and accusing him of paying her off to keep quiet.

“He said he was gonna send me $62,000, I’ve yet to receive that since June. He’s literally a liar. He’s not who he says he is,” she says in the video. “He is a woman-beater and the NBA needs to know this.

“I literally did not want it to come to this, because I know he has so many endorsements, but Zion Williamson is a woman-beater and the reason he’s paying me off is so I won’t come to the world and tell everybody.”

Explaining the Zion Williamson-Moriah Mills saga

Obviously some pretty big accusations from Moriah Mills, and they’re just the latest in a long line of them.

The above TikTok was posted by Mills with the following caption:

“Domestic abuse since 2022 he was paying me to be silent and not mention the abuse. He beat me are entire relationship im scrared for my life he has his thug friends calling to hurt me id anything happens its was zion.”

Again, pretty massive allegations, but certainly not the first. Frankly, she’s been on an all-out vengeance campaign since Zion Williamson announced that he was expecting with his girlfriend last month.

Since then, she’s accused him of cheating, threatened to release sex tapes, got banned from Twitter, and even said she was pregnant while suggesting the baby was his.

She posted a picture of the pregnancy test to Instagram late last month.

“I don’t love anyone i genuinely loved you @Zionwilliamson all you care about is saving face to the media you don’t care about feelings,” Mills tweeted when the saga first began.

“Started off as a sneaky link but we fell in love @Zionwilliamson. I always said a baby is a deal breaker for me haven’t slept in days emotionally distressed you hurt me big time not even going to front.

“Eventually we became more until this mysterious pregnancy im f— up bad about this bae ong !! I can’t do this.”

Earlier this week, Mills told TMZ the two were on “chill” terms. Apparently, that’s now changed.

OutKick has reached out to both the New Orleans Pelicans and the NBA for comment but has not heard back at the time of publishing this piece. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Written by Zach Dean

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  1. As an investigator, whenever there are tears, snot will follow. She had no sniffles or snot coming out of her nose.

    Why is she wearing shades? Most women who are abused usually take photos of their injuries on their cell phone for proof especially when dealing with high-profile people for proof.

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