Montana Otter Attack Leaves Three Women Injured, One Airlifted To Hospital

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An otter attack left multiple women injured in Montana, and one in need of serious help.

Three women were tubing Wednesday night on the Jefferson River when all hell broke loose when an otter attacked the three women, according to Fox News.

The situation was so incredibly serious that one of the women had to be airlifted in a helicopter to a hospital after suffering injuries to her face and arms.

All three women were eventually treated in Bozeman.

Otter attacks three women in Montana. One had to be airlifted. (Photo by GUILLAUME SOUVANT/AFP via Getty Images)

Otters attack and the animal thunderdome strikes again.

Fortunately, this situation didn’t turn fatal, but it is another reminder that the animal thunderdome isn’t to be messed with.

Not at all. We have scary shark situations, crocodiles and alligators going wild, bears attacking people, a bird crashing through a plane’s window, people acting idiotic with bison and much more.

The animal thunderdome has been out of control lately. An otter being on the loose attacking people is just the latest example animals aren’t your friend.

Three women injured in Montana otter attack. (Photo credit: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Dogs are your friends. Wild animals are not. The average person probably thinks otters are cute and cuddly. Why wouldn’t they?

They’re kind of small, furry and they appear docile. Must be harmless, right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Completely wrong. Couldn’t be more wrong.

If it has four legs and is in the wild, odds are you should stay far away. If it’s in the ocean and bigger than a fish, then stay away. Don’t even get me started on snakes. A conversation for another time.

Otter attack injures three in Montana. (Credit: Getty Images)

These women should consider themselves very lucky this situation didn’t end much worse. Otters, bears, bison or and anything else you can think of should be avoided. Always, and I mean always, keep your head on a swivel when it comes to the animal thunderdome.

Written by David Hookstead

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