Massive Great White Sharks Stalk Surfers In Terrifying Drone Video

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Some surfers nearly tested fate with a group of sharks, and didn’t even know it.

Everyone knows sharks aren’t to be messed with. How many videos are on the web of sharks pulverize other creatures in the ocean or going after humans?

Too many to count. Way too many to count, and the latest one out of Egypt was absolutely shocking. I do not recommend watching it if you ever want to get in the water again.

Well, a new video has hit the web, and it’s pure nightmare fuel.

Great white sharks filmed swimming near surfers in California. (Photo by Alexis Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

Great white sharks swim near surfers.

YouTuber Enci Media posted a video of Great White sharks swimming right under surfers at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County, California, and nobody seemed to even notice their presence.

“I counted 4 maybe 5 total great white sharks, and it didn’t stop anyone from catching some waves,” Enci Media captioned the video.

While it might not have stopped anyone from catching some waves, it certainly should have. You can give the video a watch below.

Don’t test the animal thunderdome.

The animal thunderdome has really been on a wild run lately. In just the past couple weeks we’ve seen people act like idiots with bison in Yellowstone, a shark stalk paddle boarders and a massive bird crash through a plane’s cockpit window.

That’s all just over the past few weeks. Now, there’s a drone video of multiple sharks stalking/swimming around surfers.

Forget the surfboard. Get some torpedoes, grenades and depth charges, and get after it like it’s “Jaws.” Sharks aren’t your friends and should be treated like any other enemy:

With complete hostility with intent to destroy.

Surfers in California seemed unaware of great white sharks swimming around them. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Keep your head on a swivel when out in nature. You never know what might be planning to attack. These surfers should consider themselves damn lucky this situation didn’t go sideways.

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