MMA Fighter Dillon Danis Accuses Jake Paul Of Possible Fight Rigging

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Ahead of Jake Paul’s much anticipated “boxing match” against former UFC fighter Nate Diaz, a former adversary of Paul’s is throwing out some harsh fight-fixing accusations.

Bellator MMA fighter Dillon Danis – who had been going back and forth with Paul about a possible boxing match in the past, has released DMs from Paul’s on-again-off-again coach, “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

In the alleged DMs, Mosley says that Paul would only fight Danis if he knew that he was injured or was somehow not 100%, which would obviously heavily favor Paul to continue his then-winning streak.


“Doubt Jake will make the fight with you if he knows your knee is good tho so keep it on the low if you really trying to make that fight,” the screenshots of the supposed Instagram DMs read. “Definitely wouldn’t let it be known you talking to me about possibly training together or tips. He definitely ain’t signing up to fight you then,” the first set of alleged messages from Mosley reads.

He then goes on to say that if Danis somehow leaked a potential injury, that Paul’s camp would be more inclined to reach out to fight, but only if the leak is believable.

Now this is where it all gets interesting.

Why would Mosley go and talk to a potential rival against Paul?

  • Jake Paul fired Mosley in 2020. The Danis fight was talked about in 2021 when Mosley still wasn’t with Paul’s camp
  • The Instagram DMs include Mosley saying that Jake did something wrong to him and a girl he knows so he was willing to help Danis get his revenge

The timing couldn’t be more suspect for Paul. Danis knows that he leaked these right ahead of the big Diaz fight this weekend. And it must be said that Danis and Paul don’t like each other.

During a press conference yesterday, Jake Paul said Danis’ texts were fake. This only resulted in Danis following up with a video recording identifying Mosley’s profile and showing the Instagram messages. He says that he won’t show all of them, including those that supposedly show some of Jake’s fights are fixed, because he doesn’t want to deal with a lawsuit.


After years of being apart, Mosley and Paul reunited with Shane agreeing to be his boxing coach in the lead up to the Diaz fight.

Mosley denied it was him in the messages and said that at the time he wasn’t running his own Instagram. He declined to say who would have had access to his account instead.

Regardless, there are some that are running with the alleged fight-fixing drama. When there is a ton of money involved and you combine the historically questionable sport of boxing, the narrative almost writes itself.

Paul is the last person that needs any sort of distractions ahead of his Saturday fight – with many saying that it’s pretty much all or nothing for him if he wants to continue his boxing career.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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