Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ‘Glad’ Big Ten Canceled Football

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The Great Villianess of Big Ten fans everywhere, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, has officially spoken on the conference canceling fall football and is “glad” at the direction taken by her partner in villain crime, commissioner Kevin Warren.

“I was glad that the Big Ten took the leadership role that they did,” Whitmer told members of the media on Monday, MLive reports. “Obviously they’ve got huge universities and they’ve got people who are on all of these campuses that are working to try to address the COVID pandemic that we’re all struggling with.”

“Football is a very intimate sport where you are up in one another’s faces,” Whitmer added. “That’s what makes it inherently risky, so that’s my concern. I love football. I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I don’t like not seeing football this fall, but I’m glad that the Big Ten took the leadership they did and the (Michigan) High School Sports Association did as well.”

Let’s cut to the chase here: she’s GLAD the Big Ten season is canceled. She’s glad her villain friend Kevin Warren stepped up and made it happen and this will not be forgotten down the road when it comes time for political allies to scratch each other’s backs.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith was never going to get his six-team, 10-week consolation Big Ten season because Whitmer would’ve never gone over her villian friend’s head and approved the Wolverines playing in her state. Villains are going to villain. Warren and Whitmer must’ve been evil laughing amongst themselves on conference calls at the thought of Gene frantically trying to save some sort of season.

It didn’t matter one bit that a University of Michigan cardiologist and his cardiologist friend over in London said the conference was promoting flawed data as cover for canceling the season. The Whitmer/Warren 2020 ticket had the Big Ten fall football season locked down and nothing was going to stop these two from loosening the grip.

Now Iowa’s cutting four sports. Even Ohio State is calling for $58 million in budget cuts to its athletic department. Back in June, Michigan was facing a $61 million decline in revenue. Wolverines fans received an email in early August asking them what they wanted to do with money paid for season tickets. Donating that money to the school was an option. That’s where we’re at right now in the Big Ten. Not only are fans losing the one thing in life they live for, but then they’re asked if they would be willing to just give that ticket money to the school for nothing in return.

It’s ugly out there for everyday people and yet Governor Whitmer is using “glad” to describe her reaction to the Big Ten being closed for business.

Gretchen’s face when Kevin Warren writes letters to Big Ten parents, fans, etc. telling them the conference won’t revisit his cancelation order. Villains gonna villain:

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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    • Yeah, I won’t feel bad or even angry at Whitmer if they re-elect her. I’m about that way even now – stop voting for dems, you idiots. Authoritarians who want everybody to be miserable and blame the Orange Ogre. That’s all dems are today.

    • I live in Michigan and I’ll never forget (not that I’d ever vote for a dem in the first place) but I talk about how awful she is to everyone I see, usually in terms that can’t be printed on a respectable website such as this…

  1. I would encourage all Big 10 players to transfer to the SEC school and ruin that conference for good. Pac 12 who cares about them and those kids can just live in there woke bliss of the west and ask mom and dad to continue living in their basement. Nobody cares about football on the west coast anyways and so just permanently cancel football thier. The california pajama boys don’t care and if your kids have balls then move football country in the south and southeast.

    • We had an incumbent republican Gov leaving due to term limits and a really terrible Republican candidate trying to replace him.
      Michigan is sort of 50/50 anyway because of Detroit and the unions so we got stuck with this succubus.

  2. She knows that her re-election campaign is in 2022 and with the American attention span of 2 minutes she knows people will have forgotten about this. If she was running this year, I bet she would have had different attitude.

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