Michael Irvin Returned To NFL Network Today In A Week 1 Stunner

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Michael Irvin appears to be un-suspended from NFL Network.

In one of the most shocking twists since Interstellar, Irvin — the NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboys legend — appeared in his usual seat on today’s NFL GameDay Live.

It was Irvin’s first time back on set at NFL Network since before last year’s Super Bowl, when he was taken off air amid sexual harassment allegations stemming from an incident at an Arizona hotel before February’s Super Bowl.

Irvin was quickly removed from Super Bowl week coverage and hasn’t been on the network since. He has, however, appeared multiple times recently on Skip Bayless’ revamped Undisputed.

Now, one day after hanging out on the Colorado sidelines with Deion Sanders, Irvin is BACK on NFL Network out of seemingly nowhere.

Michael Irvin settles defamation lawsuit, back on NFL Network

I’ll be honest, I was stunned when I saw Irvin on my TV just a bit ago. Didn’t expect it at all. Lo and behold, it turns out everything was settled at the 11th hour and he was allowed back on set.

According to Dallas Morning News’ Michael Gehlken, Irvin recently reached a settlement with Marriott in the nearly year-long $100 million defamation lawsuit against the hotel chain.

The incident happened just days before the Super Bowl, when a hotel worker in Phoenix alleged that Irvin sexually harassed her.

Irvin denied that he engaged in any misconduct. Two witnesses came forward days later to support Irvin’s defense.

Irvin’s lawyers released security camera footage from the hotel that they believe clears the former All-Pro wide receiver of the charges.

Despite all of that, NFL Network kept Irvin on the sidelines throughout the end of the NFL season. He remained suspended as of earlier this month, but made his return Sunday morning and stunned the entire internet.

Personally, I’m glad Irvin is back. Judging by the reaction on social media, I’m not alone.

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