Michael Irvin Maintains Innocence After Legal Team Releases Long-Awaited Hotel Surveillance Video In $100M Lawsuit

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Michael Irvin and his legal team continued their defense of the Pro Football Hall of Famer by releasing the long-awaited surveillance video from his encounter with a female hotel employee at the Super Bowl on Tuesday afternoon. It is the newest piece of evidence in the effort to prove his innocence.

Irvin, 57, was removed from his assignments with NFL Network just before Super Bowl LVII in Arizona. The decision came after a woman working at the Renaissance Hotel (owned by Marriott) accused him of misconduct.

In wake of the allegations, Irvin is suing the accuser and the hotel at which the incident is said to have occurred. He is asking $100 million in retributions as a target of “cancel culture.”

Michael Irvin believes that video clears his name.

Two witnesses of the alleged misconduct came out in support of Irvin and said that the hotel employee’s story is “fabricated.” Meanwhile, the hotel initially refused to hand over surveillance video of the interaction before a judge demanded that it be released.

As a result of the legal decision, the hotel let Irvin’s lawyer review the tape. It did not hand the video over, it did not allow the lawyer to film a copy for himself.

That led to a very emotional statement from Irvin.

Three days later, Marriott finally detailed the allegations of its employee for the first time. Irvin and his legal council called the account “total hogwash,” and put it back on the hotel as “an insult to all of the true female victims out there.”

His attorney also announced that the video would be released this week.

That long-awaited video was finally shown to the public for the first time on Tuesday. Irvin was thrilled, and said that he “[doesn’t] know where this would have gone” without the footage.

The video shows an encounter that lasted just under two minutes. Irvin says that he spoke to the employee about his sports media career and shook her hand. The handshake is clear in the video.

It shows Irvin touch the employee’s arm before they go their separate ways.

Michael Irvin stands by his innocence.

Irvin spoke to the allegations made by the employee regarding their conversation. He denies any kind of inappropriate dialogue.

He also pointed to the video as proof that he did not do anything wrong after watching it back on Tuesday.

Irvin refiled his lawsuit in the state of Arizona. It names four hotel employees in addition to Marriott.

As the case continues, Irvin’s attorney wants to get his client back to work. Irvin wants to do the same, and receive $100M in financial retribution in the process.

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