Mandy Rose & Paige VanZant Hint At An Exclusive Content Collaboration

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Former WWE superstar Mandy Rose and former UFC fighter Paige VanZant, who has dabbled in a little wrestling herself, have a content collaboration in the works. Or so their recent social media activity suggests.

Both women, who have cashed in big behind a paywall, appear ready to grab some more cash by teaming up for some exclusive content.

Earlier this week, Mandy tweeted out a screenshot of a FaceTime call that had taken place recently between the two. Paige also shared a few screenshots from the call on her Instagram Story.

Former WWE superstar Mandy Rose and former UFC fighter Paige VanZant
Mandy Rose and Paige VanZant coming together outside of the ring (Image Credit: Mandy Sacs/Twitter)

In both cases, the successful content creators hinted that a collaboration between them is on its way. Mandy’s tweet left very little questions about what type of collaboration they were discussing. The caption read, “Y’all ready for this collab ?? stay tuned !!”

The tweet included fire and eyeballs emojis as well as a link to her exclusive content page. So it’s highly unlikely that these two were talking about coming together to share their favorite recipes.

A wrestler/fighter crossover match of some kind also seems unlikely. Although, you would have to imagine any exclusive content would at least give a nod in some fashion to their past careers in the ring.

Mandy Rose Paige VanZant Collab
Mandy Rose and Paige VanZant content collab teaser (Image Credit: Mandy Sacs & Paige VanZant/Instagram Story)
Mandy Rose Paige VanZant Collab
Content collaboration in the works (Image Credit: Mandy Sacs & Paige VanZant/Instagram Story)

We May Have A New Content Tag Team

I’m no exclusive content collaboration historian or anything like that, but this has to be one of the biggest of all time. The two have more than six million followers between them on Instagram alone.

That’s not even taking into consideration the fact that we’re talking about a well known former UFC fighter and a former WWE champion teaming up.

These aren’t your run of the mill influencers who might have built a large following with Twitch streams or TikTok videos. This is something entirely, a game changer.

While this might be Mandy’s first exclusive content collaboration, it’s nothing new for Paige. She’s done a handful of them with an OnlyFans model friend of hers.

Pump up the tires on the Brink’s trucks, because they’re going to be making some heavy deliveries to the doorsteps of Mandy and Paige once this drops.

Written by Sean Joseph

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