Paige VanZant Teams Up With Her Model Friend For Some Oil Wrestling

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Paige VanZant has officially made her return to combat sports. Well, sort of, if this counts as combat sports. She’s not exchanging punches with the small percentage of people who make a living doing so.

The former UFC fighter turned bareknuckle boxer’s ring came in the form of an inflatable swimming pool. The arena is in a backyard somewhere and her opponent, who goes by the name of Airwrecka, is her model friend.

Paige VanZant Teams Up With Her Model Friend For Some Oil Wrestling
Paige Vanzant speaks during “Genesis” The First Ever NFT Minting And Landmark Sports Event Hosted By Quavo From Migos (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Bitcoin Latinum & TAPSTATS)

The two “fighters” are in a couple of white bikinis and are covered in oil. The teaser doesn’t give away too much of the actual action, but there is a pay-per-view – or purchase a subscription to OnlyFans – option available.

That sounds like a form of combat sports to me. I’m going to count it as a return for Paige. The fact that she was able to turn it into content perfectly combines her two very lucrative careers.

Paige captioned the images showing the two facing off, while standing in the inflatable pool, then grabbing each other, “Did someone say oil wrestling?”

There doesn’t seem to be any connection with Holly Sonders’ new sports league Exposed Sportz, which is set to officially launch the first week of June.

If you’re not familiar with Holly’s new league, where have you been? Here’s how it’s described by the founder herself.

Is Oil Wrestling The Next Big Thing?

“I have 10 girls, and we’re going to play seven, eight sports. And when I say sports, some of them want to play basketball or bowling or tennis, but there’s also ping pong. There’s also twister,” Holly explained.

“Fun stuff like that, and these are girls who make most their money on OnlyFans or an OnlyFans type of site where some of these girls are making hundreds of thousands of dollars making their content.”

This seems like an unrelated piece of content from Paige and her friend. If she hasn’t already been contacted to do something for Exposed Sportz, that’s a message Holly might consider sending.

Paige seems to already be on the same page with that type of content and already checks the boxes as far as women who make a living on OnlyFans.

If not right when the league launches then perhaps in subsequent seasons. Paige is all about the content game right now.

Written by Sean Joseph

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