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Selection Sunday in here

The day College Basketball fans have been waiting for all season is finally here. Today we’ll get the full 68-team NCAA Tournament bracket by region.

With that Bracketology and March Madness are in full swing. The Diaper Dandies, the Cinderella Stories, the at large bids and the automatic bids will all come together.

This, of course, ruins everyone’s brains for a few weeks every year and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The best part about the tournament is watching a powerhouse choke away a game to a much smaller, and less talented school.

Unless that powerhouse is the team you’re rooting for. Then there’s misery and sadness that takes over. Because on top of a loss to a nobody team, everyone you know will be ripping you for the loss.

Buzzer beaters are also up there on the best things about the tournament. Get warmed up for things to come with some of the best March Madness moments of all-time.

Umpire with the worst strikeout call of all-time has been suspended

The Southland Conference announced on Saturday that umpire Reggie Drummer had been suspended indefinitely for one of the worst strikeout calls of all-time on Friday night.

It was a 7-3 game with two outs in the top of the ninth inning. The outcome of the game wasn’t affected by this call, but it still can’t happen. No matter how much you want to go home.

Drummer was upset with Mississippi Valley State’s Davon Mims, after Mims’ reaction to a blown strike two call. That pitch was at my man’s shoe tops.

Jumping around and causing a scene, then pointing your bat to show where the pitch was, isn’t how you handle the situation. But neither is giving the pitcher a strike that even the 90s Braves starting rotation would be jealous of.

That can’t happen. Not at any level of baseball. So the Southland Conference did what needed to be done and suspended Drummer after a “thorough review” of the “baseball contest.”

People will use this as evidence that baseball needs robot umpires. But nothing could be further from the truth. This is evidence of why we need human umpires, not matter how many Angel Hernandez’s there are.

We wouldn’t have moments like this with robot umpires. I want my baseball with these kinds of absurd moments. It’s part of the game.

Rodgers talks about meeting with Jets owner Woody Johnson

Green Bay Packers quarterback and noted drama queen Aaron Rodgers talked about his meeting with New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. Well, he was asked about the meeting and would only say that it was interesting.

But don’t worry, Rodgers watch is coming to an end very soon. We’ll find out if the rumors about the Jets having a deal in place for the 39-year-old playoff choke artist are real or not.

Will he stay in Green Bay? Will he retire or become a Jet? Is he really going to go down the same path that Brett Favre took? What did he see in the darkness? We will find out soon.

The Packers certainly sound ready to move on.

Alabama fan wears “Killing our way through the SEC in ’23” shirt

By now everyone knows the controversy surrounding the Alabama men’s basketball team. Former player Darius Miles allegedly shot and killed Jamea Jonae Harris earlier this year and has been indicted on capital murder charges.

Freshman star Brandon Miller, who is still playing, has been pointed as the person who allegedly – knowingly or not – transported the gun to Miles.

A tough scene. On Saturday an Alabama fan decided to make it a tougher scene. He showed up to the SEC Tournament on Saturday in Nashville with a “GOATS” shirt on that read “Killing our way through the SEC in ’23” on the back.

It’s bad enough he’s an Alabama fan. The shirt just puts it over the top.

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