Aaron Rodgers Says Decision On Future ‘Won’t Be Long’

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Aaron Rodgers appears on the cusp of announcing his future plans.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback has become the main focus of the NFL offseason as fans wait to see what he’ll do. Will the four-time MVP retire, stick with the Packers or be traded to the Jets?

Judging from the posture of the Packers, it seems very unlikely he returns to Green Bay next season. Whatever happens, it should happen soon.

Will the Panthers trade for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers? (Credit: Getty Images)
Will the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers? (Credit: Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers says decision will happen soon.

“Well, I think it won’t be long,” Rodgers responded when directly asked by Brandon Marshall “how long” fans will have to wait for a decision.

Rodgers also refused to get into specifics of his meeting with Jets owner Woody Johnson.

It’s noteworthy that Brandon Marshall previously congratulated Aaron Rodgers on his decision to retire.

Clearly, he didn’t have any inside information as that hasn’t happened yet and might not happen at all.

What will Rodgers do?

It’s still unclear exactly how this is going to play out, but retirement or the Jets seem to be the runaway favorites for the eventual outcome.

There’s been some conflicting reports about whether or not a trade framework is already in place. It was originally reported a deal was in place for the Packers to ship Rodgers to the Jets, but that was later refuted.

Given the fact the Packers kind of came right out and said (without actually saying it) the plan is to shift to Jordan Love, it’s hard to imagine Rodgers doesn’t get shipped out of town.

Or, he could retire. Those appear to be the only options at this point.

Will Aaron Rodgers join the Jets? (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

One way or another, it sounds like his decision will come very soon. Like he said, “it won’t be long.” Then again, Rodgers does love attention. So, maybe he’ll milk this situation at least a little longer.

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  1. Rodgers is addicted to drama. He’s an absolute drama queen. He said he’d have an answer as soon as he was done with his “dark retreat”. He knows that, as soon as he gives his decision, the media and the fans will move on to free agency players and the draft. He wants to be the center of attention.

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