Brandon Marshall Bizarrely Congratulates Aaron Rodgers For Retiring…..Something That Hasn’t Happened Yet

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Former NFL star Brandon Marshall dropped a video congratulating Aaron Rodgers on retiring, but there’s just one massive issue:

The Packers QB hasn’t announced he’s retiring or any other decision about his future.

The former standout Chicago Bears receiver shared an Instagram video Tuesday night captioned “@aaronrodgers12 RETIRES.. . CONGRATULATIONS,” and in the video congratulates Rodgers on retiring.

That requires us to ask one very simple question. Does Brandon Marshall know something the rest of us don’t?

What is Brandon Marshall talking about?

There are only two explanations for this video from Marshall about Aaron Rodgers retiring. First, he heard something through the grapevine and jumped on it.

A decision from Rodgers is expected at any moment and he’s filmed an interview with Shaman Marcus. Will the answer come there? Hard to say until it’s out. People thought the announcement would come yesterday on Pat McAfee’s show, but he didn’t appear.

It’s possible, although likely not probable, Marshall heard something and ran with it.

Will Aaron Rodgers retire? (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

The other explanation, which might be the likely answer, is that Marshall is just speculating and throwing dirt against a wall to see what happens.

He’s been in the viral content game since hanging up his cleats, and if his goal was to get attention, he succeeded. His video is closing in on 9,000 likes since last night. He’s clearly gaining eyeballs.

There’s nothing to suggest Marshall has any inside info. Do we really think Rodgers called him up or told someone in his circle? Rodgers is airtight about leaks, and that would constitute a major information breach. That makes me think this is just jumping the gun.

Brandon Marshall shares video congratulating Aaron Rodgers on retiring. (Credit: Screenshot/Instagram video

Now, if Rodgers does retire, Marshall is going to look like a genius. If not, well, he’ll join a long list of people who fired too quickly online.

Written by David Hookstead

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